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 Daniel Dixon First time ever Seeing Extreme and it was a bloody good time! Sick setlist, Nuno Bettencourt is a guitar wizz! Hot Leg (Justin Hawkins other band) were hilariously bad, The Duvals were weird. extreme / Hot Leg / The Duvals Jun 23, 2019
 Daniel Dixon I was an idiot and walked out of Lamb of God thinking there were too heavy! But seeing Sabbath with Dio was mind blowing, incredibly lucky to have seen this line up and Ronnie James Dio before he passed. Heaven and Hell / Lamb of God / Iced Earth Jun 23, 2019
 Daniel Dixon Thin Lizzy fronted by John Sykes with Tommy Aldrich on drums, totally weak as if they didn't want to be there! Styx were wank. Deep Purple smashed it, such a sick set list. Deep Purple / Styx / Thin Lizzy Jun 23, 2019
 Daniel Dixon First time seeing Iron Maiden! Being my favourite band back in the day I was gutted to not hear number of the beast but they were still sick. Iron Maiden / Trivium Jun 23, 2019
 Daniel Dixon First ever punk gig I've ever attended? Yes. Absolutely unreal show, feel luck enough to have seen them on this tour. Green Day / New Found Glory Jun 23, 2019
 Daniel Dixon Banananas Tour! First ever time seeing Deep Purple, was totally wowed by Steve Morse! Deep Purple Jun 23, 2019
 Daniel Dixon First ever gig! Nickelback / Default Jun 23, 2019
 Cathrine Skjerping Med Marlene og Anna The Game Jun 23, 2019
 Micky Sean Bailey So Good Jim James / The Claypool Lennon Delirium Jun 23, 2019
 Milocampo The Dead / Warren Haynes Jun 22, 2019
 Niusteve Tour with Peter Green on guitar. Fist show with Bobby Hunt on keyboards, supporting Christine McVie Heroes Are Hard To Find Tour Jun 21, 2019
 Al Poe i literally stopped by the venue before work bought the tickets brought my bf to work with me he drew a portrait of him there and we got to the show after i left work early just in time to see him and then meet him and give him the drawing. wild but perfect night 10/10 North American Tour 1 - East Coast Jun 21, 2019
 S Ber With Coy Smith Graduation 2019 present Sunny Sweeney / Josh Morningstar / Cody Jinks Jun 20, 2019
 Tiffany Kotz Went with Paul! Night Heat Jun 20, 2019
 Joanna (photo pass) *repeat repeat / king nun Jun 20, 2019
 Joanna (photo pass) cody lovaas / alex di leo / stephen stanley Jun 20, 2019
 Joanna (photo pass) st lucia / the arkells Jun 20, 2019
 Joanna (photo pass) gunnar gehl Jun 20, 2019
 Joanna (photo pass) san holo / baynk / taska black / the nicholas Jun 20, 2019
 Craig Hatfield Tickets; £5.00 Robert Plant Jun 19, 2019