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 Locustxreign Thursday played Full Collapse in it's entirety for the 10 year anniversary of the album. Thursday / Underoath / Animals As Leaders / A Skylit Drive Jan 10, 2014
 Justin Thiele Weird (but awesome) lineup, Paul McCartney + MGMT! Paul McCartney / MGMT Jan 09, 2014
 Justin Thiele It was a great show! I hadn't heard of them beforehand. LIGHTS Jan 08, 2014
 Loganeatsdirt My giiiiiirlll. I'm jealous. LIGHTS Jan 08, 2014
 Justin Thiele Yeah, seriously! I didn't start going to concerts until I had decent taste in music, haha. Fugazi / Her Flyaway Manner Jan 06, 2014
 Total Refill Not a bad start. Fugazi / Her Flyaway Manner Jan 06, 2014
 Total Refill Da bomb And So I Watch You From Afar / TTNG / Mylets Jan 06, 2014
 Justin Thiele Nice, two of my favorite bands! I was disappointed to see Dublin Castle is not a real castle though ;) The Appleseed Cast / Cursive Jan 05, 2014
 Justin Thiele Oh man, this show sounds awesome. Pygmalion Festival Jan 02, 2014
 Buffbloom Date is estimate. It was in early September, for sure. Slick Shoes / Cooter / Jersey Jan 02, 2014
 Justin Thiele #jelly Pitchfork Music Festival Jan 02, 2014
 Jetsfan4ever80 Thanks for the recommendation, I'll make sure to check it out. Radiohead / Caribou Jan 02, 2014
 Brantelg It was! And whats more, it was free! The Flaming Lips / The Rapture / Stardeath & The White Dwarfs Jan 02, 2014
 Justin Thiele Nice. "Up In Flames" is my favorite of the Caribou albums. Worth checking out for sure. Radiohead / Caribou Jan 02, 2014
 Jetsfan4ever80 They were good. I went into the show having never heard of them, but I was pretty impressed. I had been meaning to listen to them after their performance, but for some reason I never did. Radiohead / Caribou Jan 02, 2014
 Justin Thiele What was Caribou like live? I've been wanting to see them/him. Radiohead / Caribou Jan 01, 2014
 Justin Thiele This sounds like an amazing show. Flaming Lips live is almost unbeatable, plus The Rapture! The Flaming Lips / The Rapture / Stardeath & The White Dwarfs Jan 01, 2014
 Justin Thiele Agreed on dumbest venue name ever! Really, really bad. Honda Civic Tour 2011 Jan 01, 2014
 Justin Thiele Looks like you got it figured out Jamie. The location is actually attached to the venue, so you'd update it by editing the venue's location. Admittedly that's pretty confusing :) Dan Fogelberg Dec 21, 2013
 Justin Thiele I don't think I'll ever understand why people throw stuff at the band. Lame. Passion Pit / The Cataracs / Timeflies Dec 21, 2013