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 Brantelg "Why aren't you guys at Coachella?" (Maybe because we live in Florida, not California) Big Orange Festival Apr 12, 2014
 Justin Thiele Thanks so much, Robert! I'll just change the uploader of those photos to your 'Robotmonks' account. Great to meet you :) Cursive / Desaparecidos / Small Brown Bike Mar 02, 2014
 Robotmonks Hey Justin--this is Robert from that Fotki site (I never check that email anymore). Yeah, feel free to use the photos. My full name is Robert Monk Davis. Cursive / Desaparecidos / Small Brown Bike Mar 02, 2014
 Brantelg Pitchfork did a write up of this tour. Its only notable because Gainesville never gets attention from the major music outlets. I didn't see the guy who smashed his face into a stanchion, but that sounds about right to me. Sleigh Bells / Diplo Feb 03, 2014
 Justin Thiele Sounds like an awesome show! Sleigh Bells / Diplo Feb 03, 2014
 Slunt Galactic opened Ween Feb 02, 2014
 Curbsideaudio First stop on tour with Squid The Whale and YMAEWK. Squid The Whale / You Me And Everyone We Know / The Orphan The Poet / Sugar Glyder / Drop The Act / DotDotDot-SheLovesMeNot Jan 24, 2014
 Justin Thiele I've wanted to see The Raveonettes for ages! The Raveonettes Jan 16, 2014
 Justin Thiele Great photos @Buffbloom! Taking Back Sunday / Bayside / Transit Jan 15, 2014
 Locustxreign Thursday played Full Collapse in it's entirety for the 10 year anniversary of the album. Thursday / Underoath / Animals As Leaders / A Skylit Drive Jan 10, 2014
 Justin Thiele Weird (but awesome) lineup, Paul McCartney + MGMT! Paul McCartney / MGMT Jan 09, 2014
 Justin Thiele It was a great show! I hadn't heard of them beforehand. LIGHTS Jan 08, 2014
 Loganeatsdirt My giiiiiirlll. I'm jealous. LIGHTS Jan 08, 2014
 Justin Thiele Yeah, seriously! I didn't start going to concerts until I had decent taste in music, haha. Fugazi / Her Flyaway Manner Jan 06, 2014
 Total Refill Not a bad start. Fugazi / Her Flyaway Manner Jan 06, 2014
 Total Refill Da bomb And So I Watch You From Afar / TTNG / Mylets Jan 06, 2014
 Justin Thiele Nice, two of my favorite bands! I was disappointed to see Dublin Castle is not a real castle though ;) The Appleseed Cast / Cursive Jan 05, 2014
 Justin Thiele Oh man, this show sounds awesome. Pygmalion Festival Jan 02, 2014
 Buffbloom Date is estimate. It was in early September, for sure. Slick Shoes / Cooter / Jersey Jan 02, 2014
 Justin Thiele #jelly Pitchfork Music Festival Jan 02, 2014