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 Blainer93 Separate room from AP tour Smartpunk Tour Mar 25, 2015
 Justin Thiele A few seconds of video while they played Elevator: Stars / Leisure Cruise Mar 07, 2015
 Lizzieb62 w/ Big Data Awesome show! More Than Just A Dream Feb 15, 2015
 Jenny This show ended early after Neil Young became ill Neil Young Feb 08, 2015
 Bluetik Also covered 'Stir It Up' Melissa Etheridge Feb 06, 2015
 Jenny Violent Femmes opened Grateful Dead / Violent Femmes Feb 05, 2015
 Jenny with University of Kentucky Symphony Orchestra "In Times Like These" Arlo Guthrie Feb 05, 2015
 Justin Thiele Quick clip: Say Hi / Superhighway Dec 14, 2014
 Mister.Tony played Domestica in its entirety Cursive / Yourself and The Air / Noah’s Ark Was a Spaceship Nov 10, 2014
 Molly Trier This wasn't an Anberlin set at Local 662. Their guitarist performed after their set as a DJ. Anberlin - DJ Set Sep 15, 2014
 Justin Thiele A quick video during Loser! Beck / Jenny Lewis Aug 24, 2014
 Justin Thiele haha Bonnaroo 2014 Jun 24, 2014
 Brantelg Lol. Some of these were mine. Some, I found on blogs. I think you can guess which are mine/not mine. Bonnaroo 2014 Jun 24, 2014
 Justin Thiele Amazing photos, Brandon! Bonnaroo 2014 Jun 24, 2014
 Itrainmonkeys Review and Photos: Jack White / Alabama Shakes May 08, 2014
 Itrainmonkeys Show Review: The Dead Weather / Violent Soho May 08, 2014
 Brantelg "Why aren't you guys at Coachella?" (Maybe because we live in Florida, not California) Big Orange Festival Apr 12, 2014
 Justin Thiele Thanks so much, Robert! I'll just change the uploader of those photos to your 'Robotmonks' account. Great to meet you :) Cursive / Desaparecidos / Small Brown Bike Mar 02, 2014
 Robotmonks Hey Justin--this is Robert from that Fotki site (I never check that email anymore). Yeah, feel free to use the photos. My full name is Robert Monk Davis. Cursive / Desaparecidos / Small Brown Bike Mar 02, 2014
 Brantelg Pitchfork did a write up of this tour. Its only notable because Gainesville never gets attention from the major music outlets. I didn't see the guy who smashed his face into a stanchion, but that sounds about right to me. Sleigh Bells / Diplo Feb 03, 2014