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 Starryclover The Suburban Legends setlist is not complete. The Aquabats! Mar 11, 2016
 Jimstatz I need to help does anyone know the exact date Eric Clapton performed at the metro center in Rockford Illinois. I believe the year was 1983 Eric Clapton Feb 21, 2016
 Savannah Midland / Marianas Trench, Feb 11, 2016
 Murmurer The first pic is from a different show The Maldives / The Winterlings / Harm Jan 26, 2016
 Musiclvrk13 So epic and beautiful! Oh Wonder Jan 18, 2016
 Lbsunflwr *Solo Acoustic. Played most of the songs that went onto his next album Sermon On The Rocks. Said he wanted to try them out for an audience and we were the lucky audience! Josh Ritter Dec 30, 2015
 Lbsunflwr *My 2 tickets were the only 2 tickets sold. Sad for Yarn but incredible for us. There were 5-6 others in the bar that night hanging out. We basically got a private Yarn show and got to meet the band before and after the show! Yarn Dec 30, 2015
 Lbsunflwr *Jim James came out for the encore Phosphorescent / Courtney Barnett Dec 30, 2015
 Lbsunflwr • * Larry Campbell played; banjo on "Good Morning Captain"; fiddle on "Shine Along"; pedal steel on "Roll Old Jeremiah", "Good Friday", "Wiser Time" & "So Many Times" • w/Levon Helm Band and Truth & Salvage Co. • Chris and Rich sat in with Levon on "The Weight" from The Black Crowes Dec 18, 2015
 Lbsunflwr One of the best shows I've ever seen! The Black Crowes Dec 18, 2015
 Lbsunflwr before Stealin'... "Nice to see everybody tonight, as we play some music and the future of the free world hangs in the balance. But so what, I mean you know, it's just our future and our freedoms, what do we live in a fantasy world?" before You Don't Miss Your Water... Rich: "Maybe you guys wanna know, but Barack Obama's almost won. He just needs... after California he needs 8 more, he won Ohio, so he's almost there. He's the democrat, he's the democrat if you guys don't know." Chris "He's the one without turkey a la king in his pants" Rich: "Yeah" Chris: "It's a very sophisticated political commentary on my part" Rich: "And creamed corn" The Black Crowes Dec 18, 2015
 Lbsunflwr • Luther Dickinson played guitar on "Downtown Money Waster" and "Thorn In My Pride" The Black Crowes Dec 18, 2015
 Lbsunflwr Cursed Diamond Jealous Again Log Cabin Home In The Sky # (1st time played) My Heart's Killing Me Wiser Time * Girl From The North Country * # Under A Mountain * Like A Tumbleweed In Eden * # Forgiven Song * Polly # (1st time played) Girl From A Pawnshop Wreck On The Highway # (1st time played) Thorn In My Pride * Miracle To Me * Darling Of The Underground Press * Welcome To The Goodtimes * Nonfiction * She Talks To Angels - encore - Lost My Drivin' Wheel # (1st time played) You Don't Miss Your Water # • those noted with * feature Sven Pipien • those noted with # indicate Chris played guitar • Brothers Of A Feather acoustic performance • NO TAPING/RECORDING allowed at this performance setlist from Crowesbase The Black Crowes Dec 18, 2015
 Lbsunflwr Good Friday Wiser Time * Horsehead * Long Black Veil * # This Is The Way # Wyoming And Me Girl On The Mountain * # Pardon My Heart * Thunderstorm 6:54 PM # Soul Singing * Late Nights Again * (1st time played) How Much For Your Wings * Answers * # Cut From The Shadow # (1st time played) Better When You're Not Alone Thorn In My Pride * Beware Of Darkness * Nonfiction * She Talks To Angels - encore - Let It Be Gone * # Boomer's Story * • songs noted * feature Sven Pipien • songs noted # indicate Chris played guitar • Sven sang harmony on "Girl On The Mountain", "Pardon My Heart", "Late Nights Again", and "Beware Of Darkness" • Brothers Of A Feather acoustic performance • NO TAPING/RECORDING allowed at this performance Setlist from Crowesbase. The Black Crowes Dec 18, 2015
 Lbsunflwr I couldn't ask for a better Opening act/main act combination! Only wish I had been to more than 1 of these shows. Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers / The Black Crowes Dec 18, 2015
 Lbsunflwr *Reunion show The Black Crowes Dec 18, 2015
 Claire Giraud Le chanteur de Love amongst ruin a ou est le batteur de Placebo, The Cure et Prodigy Trumps Dec 17, 2015
 Lbsunflwr Incredible to see such a fantastic band at a 115 person venue! I felt lucky to have been there and also got to speak to Alex Bleeker after the show. really great night. Real Estate Dec 14, 2015
 Lbsunflwr Solo Jason Isbell opening for Solo Ryan Adams Ryan Adams Dec 14, 2015
 Lbsunflwr why is this listed as Bryan Adams? Neil Casal / Ryan Adams & The Cardinals Dec 14, 2015