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 Rynozeppelin That's incredible you saw the everly brothers! Simon and Garfunkel / The Everly Brothers Oct 26, 2015
 Ktriggs #blizzmatik Gramatik / Cherub Oct 05, 2015
 Rynozeppelin Did you mean Bloc Party? Instead of Block Party? ;-) Block Party Sep 24, 2015
 Justin Thiele *Finally* got to see Mineral! Mineral Sep 22, 2015
 Justin Thiele Just came across this video of the last 15 minutes of the Mineral set and almost the whole Hum set: Mineral / Hum Sep 22, 2015
 Justin Thiele Super happy to finally see Mineral! It only took about 15 years. Couldn't have asked for a better show. Here's a couple short video clips: And a clip of Hum "Stars": Mineral / Hum Sep 22, 2015
 Rynozeppelin I've never seen REM! I have been to the starlight theatre once to see the White Stripes! R.E.M. / Ed Harcourt Sep 21, 2015
 J.R. Conoli Nixon resigned announced by Neil Young Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young Sep 20, 2015
 J.R. Conoli With The Charlie Daniels Band The Charlie Daniels Band / Allman brothers band Sep 19, 2015
 Justin Thiele Lul, this show looks insane! Dr. Dog / Flashy Python Sep 19, 2015
 Snowmanpj 01 Burn One Down 02 Steal My Kisses 03 Gold To Me 04 Faded 05 Ground On Down 06 Waiting For You 07 Morning Yearning 08 Diamonds On The Inside 09 Please Don't Talk About Murder While I'm Eating 10 Forgiven 11 Black Rain 12 Get Up, Stand Up ENCORE 1 13 With My Own Two Hands 14 Walk Away 15 11th Commandment > 16 Well Well Well 17 Forever 18 Where Could I Go ENCORE 2 19 Jah Work 20 Get It Like You Like It 21 Heart Of Gold 22 Better Way Ben Harper And The Innocent Criminals / Damien Jr. Gong Marley Sep 02, 2015
 Rynozeppelin Very nice... I have not seen Courtney Barnett yet, but can't wait. Courtney Barnett / Darren Hanlon Aug 29, 2015
 Jay O. Tea Mit Inga, Christina Idlewild / Placebo Aug 19, 2015
 Lallen1094 I went to this show to see Rancid for the most part. When they didn't come back out after their break and we were told that they had left the building, well for me, it pretty much ruined the show. The Night 89X Stole Christmas 2003 Aug 09, 2015
 Jay O. Tea Mit [email protected] Rock Or Bust Tour 2015 Aug 05, 2015
 Matthew Williams Deja 10 Year Anniversary Aug 01, 2015
 Uberlou Meet & Greet with Set It Off + acoustic performance Glamour Kills: Spring Break '15 Jul 28, 2015
 Domotime2 I was looking forward to seeing Cake forever! They are literally one of the last bands on my "favorites" list that I hadn't seen before, mostly because their shows are always expensive, but I decided to bite the bullet and finally go. Not bad. Honestly, I didn't really care for their set list. There are probably 30 cake songs that I love, and I only heard 5 of them? And it's not really because of song selection. They were the ONLY band performing that night, which means they had about 3 hours to themselves...and in the end they only played around 14-16 songs. That may sound like a lot, but that amount of time, I expected more. They bantered like crazzzzzzy. SOOOOOOO much "now everyone on the left side go everyone on the right side"...this went on for at least 553542 hours. They sounded tight and I'm glad I got to finally see them, but something about it all didn't hit me right. Cake Jul 25, 2015
 Justin Thiele Here's a short video from the show: Death Cab for Cutie / Built to Spill Jul 11, 2015
 Joel Wood I know I saw him at Brown University Jimi Hendrix Jun 26, 2015