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 Rock's In My Head November 21:LEON RUSSELL/ ELTON JOHN/ McKENDREE SPRING @ FILLMORE EAST McKendree Spring closed their set with Down By The River (Neil Young) which I really enjoyed. However this new act, Elton John, well by the end of his set I was seated in total amazement. He was fantastic, performing on a grand piano accompanied by a bass player and a drummer, just a trio. Elton John literally lit up the stage (with a Mickey Mouse light attached to the front of his pant while performing backward kicks ala Jerry Lee Lewis on his piano stool. This was his very first performance in New York City (except radio station WPLJ 11-17-70 release) and the New York audience loved it. Leon Russell was in his post Mad Dog mode followed with his band ever so tight.Leon on guitar, piano and vocals, with Chuck Blackwell (drums), Don Preston (guitar), Joey Cooper (guitar), John Gallie ( keyboards), and the lovely Claudia Lennear and Kathi McDonald on vocals Leon Russell / Elton John / McKendree Spring Apr 26, 2018
 Rock's In My Head The set list is not even close. I didn't post it. Ten Years After / Buddy Miles Express Apr 26, 2018
 Rock's In My Head OCT 31: LEE MICHAELS/CACTUS/ JUICY LUCY @ FILLMORE EAST It’s Halloween 1970 Juicy Lucy was forgetable. Having snuck my portable tape recorder in I captured a great Cactus performance the highlight of which was Rusty Day’s Halloween Boogie rant. Lee Michaels was just okay to me but my concert compatriots adored him. Me thinks it was his looks for the ladies. Lee Michaels / Cactus / Juicy Lucy Apr 26, 2018
 Rock's In My Head October 24: DEREK AND THE DOMINOES/ HUMBLE PIE/ BALLIN JACK Ballin Jack was a six piece band comprised mainly of horns and were just okay but HUMBLE PIE was a knockout success and DEREK AND THE DOMINOES as expected, outstanding. Musically, I was one happy man. Derek and the Dominos / Humble Pie / Ballin' Jack Apr 26, 2018
 Rock's In My Head For a buck and a half we sat in the orchestra bidding on items donated by musicians, bands, etc. All in attempts to raise money for candidates promoting peace. Just the bands alone were worth more than the price of admission but the narratives for each item was hilarious. THE ROCK RELICS AUCTION Apr 26, 2018
 Rock's In My Head Sept 19: Led Zeppelin was at Madison Square Garden doing an unusual afternooon/ evening performance with one show at 2pm and then another at 8pm. We had four tickets for the 8pm show, where they opened with IMMIGRANT SONG. Geez, the band was so good. Led Zeppelin Apr 26, 2018
 Rock's In My Head September 12: THE BYRDS/ DELANEY, BONNIE and FRIENDS/ GREAT JONES @ FILLMORE EAST Great Jones UGH, Delaney and Bonnie were fading into alcoholism it seemed, and the Byrds were 8 Miles High but very good. The Byrds / Delaney, Bonnie and Friends / Great Jones Apr 26, 2018
 Rock's In My Head AUGUST 29:SAVOY BROWN/ FLEETWOOD MAC/ AIRPORT CONVENTION @ FILLMORE EAST Back to my home setting Fillmore East (with a new and improved PA system) for what would be one of my favorite shows of the summer. This one featured Savoy Brown, Fleetwood Mac, and Fairport Convention all sharing the bill. Fairport had Sandy Denny and Richard Thompson, Fleetwood Mac was missing Peter Green which was a huge disappointment but this newer FLEETWOOD MAC now had Christine Perfect and they did some KILN HOUSE stuff which rocked. Savoy Brown was Kim Simmonds but had no Chris Youlden on vocals. Lonesome Dave did the voice, and shades of FOGHAT were born. Savoy Brown / Fleetwood Mac / Fairport Convention Apr 26, 2018
 Rock's In My Head AUG 11:TEN YEARS AFTER /HAYSTACKS BALBOA/ CACTUS @ CAPITOL THEATRE PORT CHESTER We haven’t seen Ten Years After enough since June 25th so it was time to travel by car to Port Chester, New York, not my idea but I agreed. Haystacks Balboa (Leslie West’s brother), again they sucked, also on the bill was Cactus who we saw at the Randall’s Island gig. Haystacks I could do without forever, Cactus was loud and their “boogieing”was not too shabby that evening. I liked them. And TYA did a new set of tunes, even the opener LOVE LIKE A MAN was brand spanking new. Alright, this was the TYA I liked. Ten Years After / Cactus / Haystacks Balboa Apr 26, 2018
 Rock's In My Head AUG 8 :TERRY REID @ ACTION HOUSE, Island Park, NY It was OLD TIMERS DAY at Yankee Stadium and CASEY STENGEL DAY, as the legendary NY YANKEES would retire the legendary manager’s number . Instead of this major event I attended Terry Reid’s Action House show. And Terry played for almost two hours. Terry Reid Apr 26, 2018
 Rock's In My Head AUGUST 3: JETHRO TULL/ HAYSTACKS BALBOA @ WOLLMAN SKATING RINK This was another one of those bills were the head act brings along a lesser known label mate to open the show, the opener included Leslie West’s brother on guitar (HB) and they stunk. Then, Jethro Tull was introducing some new songs, one being MY GOD. Overall, Tull was musically good but lyrically not my cup of tea any longer and most of the crowd was unfamiliar with the new stuff. Musically, it was a tough night. Jethro Tull / Haystacks Balboa Apr 26, 2018
 Rock's In My Head JULY 29: JOHNSEBASTIAN/THE MANHATTAN TRANSFER/ INFANCY @ WOLLMAN SKATING RINK was a blast.Pete Fornatel from WNEW-FM hosted. The Transfer was cool and Sebastian did a shit load of Spoonful tunes which I loved. To this day I still have a bootleg cassette I recorded that evening. John Sebastian / The Manhattan Transfer / Infancy Apr 26, 2018
 Sara Dermot Kennedy opened (but missed him) The Killers / Alex Cameron Apr 25, 2018
 Donald I saw this! jason and the scorchers Apr 25, 2018
 Jessica Counts Jessica Kristi Dana &friend Foo Fighers Apr 24, 2018
 Rock's In My Head JULY 17: NY POP FESTIVAL @ RANDALL’S ISLAND The promoters of this event, as crooked as they were, thought they could recreate the Woodstock festival on Randall’s Island, in the middle of the East River. Many of the “scheduled” acts did NOT show up and the local radical groups made the atmosphere worse by encouraging gate crashing. One saving grace about this weekend was that at least there wasn’t any mud like Woodstock but this was a disaster nonetheless. Delaney Bonnie and Friends did not show, No Richie Havens, no Ravi Shankar (Thank goodness) and the band I was anticipating, one of the head bills for Saturday night, TONY WILLIAMS LIFETIME WITH MILES DAVIS AND ERIC CLAPTON was nowhere to be found, actually the band did not exist, shows you how crooked these promoters were. Joe Cocker cancelled but Sly and The Family Stone was to be his replacement. Sly, as usual was late, so late that the crowd would still be waiting.That was a sham and a scam. The bands that did show played quick, mostly uninspiring sets, knowing they were NOT getting the promised big paydays. Many bands felt a kinship to the audience which got angrier at every announcement canceling the next act. It was getting real nasty fast. Grand Funk played a few recognizable tunes then a drum solo which seemed to last for days. John Sebastian was well….John Sebastian. Cactus showed some promise, Ten Years After (yes again) did their usual set, and the NY Rock ENSEMBLE closed out the evening. Bottles were thrown at the stage, a garbage can set afire, etc, etc. We were supposed to camp out with our group of friends but heeded the warning in the crowd to GET OUT, so home we all went. NOTE: My remaining ticket, the Jimi Hendrix night, was sold on eBay years later for $250.00 cash. NEW YORK POP FESTIVAL Apr 23, 2018
 Rock's In My Head July 3: TEN YEARS AFTER/ MC5/ STALK FOREST GROUP @ STONY BROOK UNIVERSITY yes again, TEN YEARS AFTER this. time there was a method to my madness as I actually longed to see the MC5 again and my partner did not care for their music at all but loved TYA. The Stalk Forest Group, later to become Blue Oyster Cult would open. Ours was the late show “scheduled” for 11 PM and about 11 o’clock I heard the opening tune for Ten Years After from inside the arena and I knew we were in for a “long” night. At about 1 AM the early show exited. By 2AM the late show crowd entered the gym, our seats were first row. While Stalk Forest was uneventful, The MC5 opened with Ramblin’ Rose and took no prisoners. It was so hot in the gym from the summer air and the MC5 certainly added to the temperature. TYA did their typical TYA set, nothing new, nothing added and I was growing bored of their act. We exited about 6 AM and my ears were ringing. (My MC5 Stony Brook ticket stub is posted on their website, more on that later) TEN YEARS AFTER / MC-5 / STALK FOREST GROUP Apr 23, 2018
 Aquint Joey The Mountain Goats / Dead Rider Apr 23, 2018
 Rock's In My Head JUNE 25: TEN YEARS AFTER/ ILLINOIS SPEED PRESS/ CATFISH @ FILLMORE EAST (Early show and late show) Celebrating our graduating from high school and my girlfriend’s18th birthday, I got tickets for not one but two TEN YEARS AFTER shows at Fillmore East, same night with an early 8PM show followed by the midnight show, first row for both performances no less. A large TYA contingency from town made the early show but did not stick around for the late show. Catfish, a Detroit band of some renown was up first playing songs from their first release. 300 Pound Fat Mama and The Hawk were good tunes but one song and moment will forever be locked in my brain. During their lengthy version of LoveLights (late show) I was pulled up onto the stage by the keyboard player who also handed me a bottle of RIPPLE wine. Me, on the stage of Fillmore East, looking out on to the crowd. My moment had arrived. Next up that night was The Illinois Speed Press a band unknown to me. The Speed Press broke up a few months later and Paul Cotton, the guitarist headed over to play for POCO where he took his tune “Bad Weather” to newer heights. Finally, TYA played another great night of music and after seeing TYA this particular night I knew it would probably be their last time at FILLMORE EAST before they headed uptown to THE WORLD’S MOST FAMOUS ARENA. TEN YEARS AFTER / ILLINOIS SPEED PRESS / CATFISH Apr 23, 2018
 Rock's In My Head JUNE 7: CROSBY, STILLS, NASH and YOUNG Earlier that spring Bill Graham announced a list of shows for the remainder of the season and a new sound system would be installed over the summer. One of the announced shows was to be a six night engagement featuring Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, no opening act and only one show per night at 9PM. These would sell out in an unprecedented time. My SASE returned without tickets, a true first for me. At my girlfriend’s senior prom it was decided at our table that the group of us, four guys and their dates, would attempt to purchase tickets for the next evening’s performance of CSNY. One attempt in the street only found us talking to a speed dealer who did not have any tickets and we didn’t need any speed, so the conversation didn’t last long. Our lady friends took it upon themselves to wait on line for “stand by” tickets. The show was scheduled for 9PM, and the box office usually released the “stand by” tickets about an hour before show time. However, tonight was different as the girl in the ticket booth, after listening to our girl’s tale of woe took pity on them giving each girl two tickets, totaling eight tickets, all seated together in the fourth row center. The CSNY show was recorded each night and the best performances from the week were compiled and released as FOUR WAY STREET. The show started with solo sets from each performer doing a few of the classic tunes they were known for. KING MIDAS IN REVERSE, a HOLLIES classic was done by Nash. Stephen Stills did solo piano work on 49 BYE BYES, Crosby scored with TRIAD. But for me the highlight was acoustic Neil Young. Geez, what a great start to a show. And the band didn’t even do their collective electric set yet.It only got better. CROSBY STILLS NASH and YOUNG Apr 23, 2018