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 Rock's In My Head JUNE 6: THE WHO/CHUCK BERRY/ ALBERT KING @ FILLMORE EAST After finding out how easy it was to obtain tickets for shows at FILLMORE EAST, I ordered two seats for CHUCK BERRY and ALBERT KING for the Friday night early show, June 6. I was especially looking forward to hearing Albert King live as I wore out his LIVE WIRE BLUES POWER album. The tickets arrived in record time. When I attended the Zeppelin show I looked for where I would be seated for the Albert King show(fourth row aisle seat on the left). Too cool, really nice sight lines. Then it happened. At the Led Zeppelin show, the stage announcement was made that an additional act would be added to the Albert King Chuck Berry bill, headlining now would be.... THE WHO. OMG... I was ecstatic…But How? Actually, The Who had played the Fillmore East only two weeks prior to the Led Zeppelin show. During their performance that weekend a fire occurred in the adjoining building. A Fire Marshall, not in uniform, attempted to evacuate the premises of the Fillmore by taking the stage. Pete Townshend The Who’s guitarist got into an altercation with the “undercover” official. Townshend thinking that this guy was a nut job hit him and an arrest of Pete Townshend abruptly ended the show. So this new show, the one I had two tickets for was labeled as THE TRIUMPHANT RETURN OF THE WHO. Their album which has been labeled a “rock opera” TOMMY was released only a few short days(May23) before this rescheduled performance and the songs from TOMMY were already in heavy rotation on the radio. So there I sat four rows back from Albert King, he dressed to the nines in a dark suit, white shirt and tie, while playing a short but sweet set on his Flying V guitar, BORN UNDER A BAD SIGN, PERSONAL MANAGER,AS THE YEARS GO PASSING BY and STORMY MONDAY. I was amazed at his performance, his grace, and his size, the man was HUGE. Chuck Berry, a rock and roll legend was up next doing what I found out years later was his traditional set list. It was nothing too outstanding for my eyes and ears except seeing him doing his duck walk. Chuck was a visual performer and closed with MY DING A LING a really stupid sing along song which I found embarrassing. He reappeared for an encore and was gone and forgotten by me almost that quickly. THE WHO on the other hand was fantastic. I sat in awe the entire time, mouth opened kind of awe, brought on by the sheer power of the band. Daltry,bared chested, drabbed with a fringed vest was swinging his microphone, Townshend windmilling on the guitar, Entwistle's magical fingers running up and down the frets on his bass, and then Keith Moon on the kit, all amazing, and so very loud. CAN’T EXPLAIN, New TOMMY stuff, SUMMERTIME BLUES, MAGIC BUS, needless to say my very limited concert experiences just had a new threshold to beat and that would be... THE WHO. Live music to me became a real education and soon an obsession. The Who / Chuck Berry / Albert King Apr 21, 2018
 Rock's In My Head Oct 18: SPIRIT/THE KinKs/BONZO DOG BAND @ FILLMORE EAST The KinKs was one of my favorite bands from the early British Invasion days. They had not played live in the USA in quite some time so this show scheduled for October 18 at FILLMORE EAST was a “must see” for me. From the very first time I heard YOU REALLY GOT ME on my small transistor radio I knew these guys were different. We even played that tune with THE TRIANGLE my doomed band of yesteryear. So when the opportunity to see The KinKs live became a reality I jumped at the chance. The Bonzo Dog Band opened the show. While the crowd waited for their "hit" URBAN SPACEMAN, we were treated to some of the best comedy, music, and visuals I had ever seen (in my limited experience). Just sheer joy, I laughed hysterically throughout their entire set. The singer pretending he was urinating on the light show, the silly hats they wore, the large eyeglasses, and hundreds of props. They were GREAT. Needless to say I purchased two Bonzo albums the next week.Then the amazing KinKs were introduced. Even though it was a short set and one without their pianist who as Ray Davies said, "cracked his skull” so Ray played piano for a few tunes. Overall, it was a fabulous set. Upon leaving the show I remember thinking, ahhh The KinKs and The Who, two of my favorite bands, all I need is The Stones and The Beatles. BTW SPIRIT, the headliners, hit the stage after The Kinks and were decent but Randy California is NOT Raymond Douglas Davies by any stretch of the imagination. So tonight it was The KinKs. SPIRIT / THE KINKS / BONZO DOG BAND Apr 21, 2018
 Phil Murray Pictures by Michael Haußmann Wilco Apr 21, 2018
 Rock's In My Head MAY 30: LED ZEPPELIN/DELANEY, BONNIE and FRIENDS/ WOODY HERMAN’S BIG BAND @ FILLMORE EAST It is now Memorial Day weekend of 1969, a new beginning for a group of us as we copped the 8 tickets to see Led Zeppelin at Fillmore East early 8 PM show on a Friday Night of a Holiday Weekend. Show time 8PM would find 4 of us in one section, with the other four in another section a few rows back. The crowd outside on line awaiting admittance to the sacred hall was a buzzed. Finally, in and seated, house lights go down and BOOM, Woody Herman's Big Band was way too cool. Pop would have been proud as I recognized a few of Woody's tunes from our family's record collection then I fall in love. Rita Coolidge of Delaney/ Bonnie was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen,well that night anyway. The JOSHUA LIGHT SHOW afforded a great back drop, something that I had never witnessed. Then, "OHHHHH, I CAN'T QUIT YOU BABE” with a power chord which shook me to the core. This tune followed by Dazed and Confused, White Summer, How Many More Times, a drum solo, and the crowd cheering “MORE,MORE”… The encore was short, yet loud, COMMUNICATION BREAKDOWN. The performance bar was now set for this 17 year old youngster on his musical journey. Sweating profusely we leave into the warm May air at a bit before midnight. Walking through the East Village,then Greenwich Village, we get a bite to eat, a gift or two, taking the E train to Penn Station in time for the midnight train. Arriving home I felt like a new person, never to return to the old one. Led Zeppelin / Delaney, Bonnie and Friends / Woody Herman Big Band Apr 21, 2018
 Rock's In My Head Jan 24: THE DOORS/STAPLE SINGERS @ Madison Square Garden What a way to celebrate my 17th birthday with two tickets (5 bucks, a copy of mine can be found on the band’s website) to see THE DOORS .In THE GARDEN the stage was set in the middle of the arena and as the lights dimmed, The Staple Singers appeared first. Beautiful mood and music is the best way to describe what The Staples did. Even with a poor sound system their set was fascinatingly simple, elegant and spiritual. I was awestruck. After a rather extensive intermission, THE DOORS with a bass player (Harvey Brooks) appeared on stage, and the band added a small horn section for a few tunes this being their Soft Parade days. According to The Doors faithful this show, one of the band’s first attempts at an arena rock show, was one of their finest. That night included songs from The Soft Parade, as well as Tell All The People, Love Me Two Times, Spanish Caravan,Back Door Man, Light My Fire, Five To One and When The Music’s Over The Doors were, to my limited live experienced ears, musically okay, but not what I had anticipated. I expected a great rock band. Jim Morrison was an idiot, or was it just me? Nah, he was an idiot, hindering an otherwise good band with his "poetry" and rants. One interlude by Mr. Morrrison was something about him sitting on a fence, “and boy, do my balls hurt”. Musically my night was made by really digging The Staple Singers and developing a true appreciation for what they did. They were one cool group with a smooth, unique sound. The Doors / The Staples Singers Apr 21, 2018
 Rock's In My Head The Rascals, Nazz, The Vagrants, Eire Apparent at the Singer Bowl (8/30/68) It was a beautiful evening for an outdoor concert. With clear skies, the train ride was uneventful, and the crowd enthusiastic, me being one of them. My girlfriend accompanied me, my buddy George and his date, a beautiful 16 year old blond from Europe who was visiting George’s family. She could and would cause some problems in months to come as she was beautiful and a flirt. But back to the show. Eire Apparent, a band produced by Jimi Hendrix (they said it at least twice during their 25 minutes of fame, was in hindsight, about as good as we got at Hullabaloo. Nothing too shabby, just okay. NAZZ was next up. The drummer was superb, the singer and bass players were pretty good. Yet there was something quirky and eye catching about the guitarist. Windmills, neck bending, string slapping, a bit theatrical but too cool to describe. Not having seen anything like this before this Todd Rundgren guy caught my musical attention at that moment and would have my attention for many moons to come. Local favorites (boys from Forest Hills) the band I witnessed many times at Hullabaloo, The Vagrants, hit the stage with a set of their own tunes doing an extended version of a Stones tune (Satisfaction) and finished with RESPECT. Pretty nicely done on a big stage, a completely different Vagrants then I was use to seeing at Hullbaloo. The stars of the show, the band I was dying to see,The Rascals,were tremendous. The applause was deafening at their introduction, after each tune, and at the end of their hit filled set. Hit after hit after hit after hit. Solos, musicianship, vocals, all clear, clean and crisp. It was heavenly. I was hooked, I needed more. The Rascals / The Vagrants / Nazz / Eire Apparent Apr 21, 2018
 Faye K Owen what other 2 bands played at the same concert? crosby stills nash Apr 21, 2018
 Rolilohse 37 € The Baseballs Apr 20, 2018
 Gar1958 Row 2 tickets ZZ Top-Recycler Tour Apr 19, 2018
 Noaddictionxxx Dates and lineups are wrong Saetia Apr 19, 2018
 Dosage My wife and I, along with her Best friend attended this show. Still to this day my favorite concert. The Mind is a terrible thing to taste Apr 18, 2018
 Micky Sean Bailey “RealLove”, and Bonny a cover of a Pre-Fab Sprout tune were the highlights.! Lo Moon Apr 16, 2018
 Claire Ssali Cardy What a performer! Loved this concert and the fact that it was in 2 Acts! The 20/20 Experience Tour Apr 12, 2018
 Claire Ssali Cardy Fantastic concert the atmosphere was electric! Didn’t know what to expect from Jay Z but he was amazing!!! On The Run Apr 12, 2018
 Claire Ssali Cardy Fantastic show! So amazing am still hopeful we will get this as a DVD release!!!! The Formation World Tour Apr 12, 2018
 R Cushayer I have this concert recorded on a VHS tape from a full size camcorder that we snuck in as part of a Halloween costume. The Breeders Apr 12, 2018
 Brennah Soboslai Preshow @ CD102.5 Big Room The Strumbellas Apr 09, 2018
 Aslack49 First time seeing the 3 live. Pretty familiar with Lita & Halestorm, Dorothy, not a clue, not to worry cause you get the hint like a smack in the face! So while you & your concert buddy r standing in the aisle, waiting to get in your seats, being tad bit late & all, there’s no need to say them aloud. A few seconds exposure to Dorothy you know what both of you are saying in your minds-“FUCK ME!” She’s All That X all kinds of That’s🤘💋 Halestorm / Dorothy / Lita Ford Apr 07, 2018
 Alex Everatt Matthew Good wasn't able to attend due to illness. During the concert, Raine Maida of Our Lady Peace recorded a video message of the audience sending best wishes to Matt. To close out the concert, Raine Maida played an acoustic rendition (right off some printed sheet music) of Matthew Good's Strange Days. Then Matthew Good's Band, Ellevator and Our Lady Peace all came on stage to perform an epic rendition of Hello Time Bomb to close out the show. Our Lady Peace then played a couple more encore songs afterwards. Matthew Good / Our Lady Peace / Ellevator Apr 06, 2018
 Woj Halloween night Skinny Puppy / Babes in Toyland Apr 04, 2018