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 Aquint Robert Randolph opened Noam Eric Clapton Feb 18, 2018
 Aquint Mom Derek Trucks in band Eric Clapton / The Robert Cray Band Feb 18, 2018
 Aquint Mom, Margolin Last Cream show ever Cream Feb 18, 2018
 Aquint Mom The Rolling Stones / Alanis Morissette Feb 18, 2018
 Aquint Mom Robert Randolph opened Eric Clapton Feb 18, 2018
 Aquint Margolin, Chester Bob Dylan / The Raconteurs Feb 18, 2018
 Peter Nieuwkoop Lochem Festival Feb 17, 2018
 Peter Nieuwkoop the velvet underground Feb 17, 2018
 Jay O. Tea 16,10€ Shoshin Feb 16, 2018
 Doe1955 Remember watching them as Terry Knight and the Pack on Upbeat in Cleveland, Oh. Saw GFR in Charleston WV in 1970. Grand Funk Railroad Feb 14, 2018
 Andy Cagnetta Excellent show Bad Company Feb 14, 2018
 Lbsunflwr Solo show Bob Schneider Feb 12, 2018
 Micky Sean Bailey Good Music, love the trumpet Destroyer Feb 07, 2018
 Smythster I did not see Turbonegro as I have taste. Desertfest Feb 07, 2018
 Cynthia Gosnell I saw Kenny Chesney in 2003 in Greenville SC Kenny Chesney Feb 06, 2018
 Rex Raptor Thanx KC! Jeff Beck was supposed to be playing with Rod but he left the tour before they got to Honolulu. The Mountain archives don't have this concert listed at all. I saw the Sept. 75 concert listed on the Rod Stewart archives but they didn't list other bands. Mountain Feb 05, 2018
 Kc Concerts4life I see FACES were in Hawaii on September 10 and 11, 1975, October 31, 1975, and Last show November 1, 1975. Rod then parted ways with Faces in December 1975. Hope this helps. Mountain Feb 05, 2018
 Rex Raptor Saw a concert featuring Rod Stewart, Mountain, and Gary Wright 1975 or 1976 in Honolulu. Anyone out there k ow the actual date? Mountain Feb 05, 2018
 Travenscroft My very first Concert! Quiet Riot and Whitesnake Feb 05, 2018
 Denzho Amazing!!! Heaven & Hell Feb 04, 2018