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 J.M. Hash As a matter of fact, it was! Sunny Day Real Estate / MK Ultra Dec 20, 2013
 Justin Thiele Whoa, two great photos! Passion Pit / Matt and Kim Dec 20, 2013
 Justin Thiele Nice! I'm such a fan of M83. M83 / I Break Horses Dec 20, 2013
 Justin Thiele I heard rumors that there was a celebrity in this band. Maybe Jared Leto on guitar? Floating Pointe Dec 20, 2013
 Justin Thiele Legit show! Was this on their 'How it feels...' tour? Sunny Day Real Estate / MK Ultra Dec 20, 2013
 Toasty Mallows Felt bad for Michael! About halfway through someone threw something and it hit him in the lip. We all cheered to rally him back up. Passion Pit / The Cataracs / Timeflies Dec 19, 2013
 Jamie not able to update the location after concert was created.. Dan Fogelberg Dec 15, 2013
 Justin Thiele We saw so many awesome shows at Sokol Underground. Sokol Underground Dec 13, 2013
 Justin Thiele Photos by Robert are sourced from here: Cursive / Desaparecidos / Small Brown Bike Dec 10, 2013
 Justin Thiele Best show of MFNW 2010?! The National / The Walkmen / The Helio Sequence / Talkdemonic Dec 08, 2013
 Justin Thiele We live streamed to Mugasha. Sander van Doorn Dec 01, 2013
 Justin Thiele Pretty meh, but free tickets :) Infected Mushroom / Phutureprimitive / Pipedream Dec 01, 2013
 Alissa T. Not sure the specifics of this show. Bella Lea Dec 01, 2013
 Justin Thiele Best show of MFNW 2008!? Mogwai / Fuck Buttons Nov 28, 2013
 Justin Thiele Alissa and my honeymoon in Chicago. Ladytron / CSS Nov 26, 2013
 Justin Thiele I was blown away by Mr. 1986. Got the Statistic record, a Mr. 1986 cassette, and a Little Brazil demo cd. Statistics / Little Brazil / Mr. 1986 / Coast Of Nebraska Nov 26, 2013
 Justin Thiele We got Bowling For Soup guitar picks, lul Bowling For Soup / Pomeroy / Project: Wet Nov 26, 2013
 Justin Thiele We livestreamed it on Mugasha! Matt Darey Nov 26, 2013
 Justin Thiele Alissa's first time seeing Bright Eyes, I think. Also, I realize that I need glasses :) Bright Eyes / Spoon / Willy Mason / David Dondero Nov 26, 2013
 Justin Thiele Maybe the loudest show I've ever been to? Explosions was ridiculously loud, and Mr. 1986 maybe even louder. Ears ring for. ev. er. Explosions in the Sky / Mr. 1986 / Adem Nov 26, 2013