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 Milocampo The Jeff Healey Band Nov 02, 2017
 Milocampo Edie Brickell & New Bohemians Nov 02, 2017
 Milocampo DAY ON THE GREEN Nov 02, 2017
 Milocampo Camper Van Chadbourne Nov 02, 2017
 Milocampo DAY ON THE GREEN Nov 02, 2017
 Milocampo DAY ON THE GREEN Nov 02, 2017
 Milocampo Camper Van Beethoven / The Cat Heads / The Donner Party Nov 02, 2017
 Milocampo Hüsker Dü / Christmas Nov 02, 2017
 Milocampo Faith No More / Camper Van Beethoven / Hüsker Dü Nov 02, 2017
 Milocampo Minutemen Nov 02, 2017
 Milocampo Van Halen / The Velcros Nov 02, 2017
 Donfind Awesome show!! Leftover Salmon Nov 02, 2017
 Aa F My first "serious" concert! The Singles Tour Nov 02, 2017
 D Smith14 You are correct! I went back to my scrapbook. INXS played on a Friday, which was the 30th. This is from the next night, a Saturday. Oddly, and inexplicably, I don't have a stub from the concert. Thank you for checking. Shippensburg University Nov 01, 2017
 Greatgadsby97 ayyyyy Mallory Knox Oct 30, 2017
 Ship Alum I was at this concert as a freshman at ship in '87, this can't be a stub from that, the concert was in heiges field house not memorial auditorium. Shippensburg University Oct 29, 2017
 J.R. Conoli Included was the amazing "Wall of Sound" Grateful Dead /The Band Oct 28, 2017
 Matthewhargrove D.R.I. and Possessed were awesome. Discharge... people were expecting crust punk and they came out and did a Hair-Metal/Glam-Rock set with pink guitars that blew up the crowd, in a bad way. The lead singer was covered in loogies... and a fight broke out to end the show.... was a crazy show. Discharge / D.R.I. / Possessed Oct 28, 2017
 Matthewhargrove Venue is incorrect... this show was at Club Can't Tell which is two blocks down K Street from the Crest. Possessed / D.R.I. / Discharge Oct 28, 2017
 Tiffany Kotz Nwbearcats98 - you might be right because I might have the wrong date. Whenever I saw him, the Pointer Sisters were the opening act though haha. Lionel Richie / The Pointer Sisters Oct 26, 2017