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 Judasp Coltrain With Paul and gang Monsters of Rock 1988 Aug 18, 2017
 Judasp Coltrain Great show - Back in the Saddle appropriate first song Aerosmith Aug 17, 2017
 Micky Sean Bailey I do not know the correct date for this show. Against the Law Aug 17, 2017
 Judasp Coltrain Legendary get together at Piazza's in Sac beforehand with Farhad, Paul, Eddie, Doug "Rest in Peace" Conner, Brian "Instigator" Cardoza, Rusty, Foos, Guettler, Wubben and the rest of the Metal Militia! Iron Maiden / Coheed and Cambria Aug 16, 2017
 Micky Sean Bailey Zero the Hero and Digital Bitch were my favorite also they played Smoke on the Water cover. Ian Gillian's hair was so long I couldn't see his face. Born Again Aug 16, 2017
 Micky Sean Bailey I loved it. Lost my job the next day. Green Day Aug 16, 2017
 Kfabel Muddy Waters kicked off the night and stole the show The Charlie Daniels Band / Allman brothers band Aug 12, 2017
 Gecko85 Pretty sure this show was 1986, not 1985. I have another flyer (which I can't figure out how to upload) that is for May 11, 1986...same bands, same venue. The flyer uploaded below doesn't have the year, but the one I have does... Descendents / Hüsker Dü / Sea Hags Aug 11, 2017
 Stephmorgan123 Best concert EVER!! Rolling Stones Aug 08, 2017
 Blinguardianco Mapi and me :) Blind Guardian / Grave Digger Aug 07, 2017
 Jammindude Good call. I had completely forgotten. Editing now. Ministry / Sepultura Aug 03, 2017
 Kevin Mc Williams Their setlist were the songs that are now on their live album Gratitude. Earth, Wind & Fire Aug 01, 2017
 Black Mountain Side71' Foo Fighters on the first album tour played at that night with SuperGrass at Caddys complex Cincinnati Ohio. All under Paul Brown Stadium now. What a show. Unknown venue Jul 31, 2017
 Lonnie I was in the bleacher seats. This show was in a hockey rink. There was a game the next day, so they covered the ice in a layer of plywood covered by heavy canvas tarps. About midway through Pantera shredding it up the audience somehow discovered this setup and began pulling the plywood boards up from the ice rink and crowd surfing on them. This seemed pretty cool at first and it was an awesome spectacle! However, as patches began to open up on the ice, it became a skating event with people sliding around on the ice. That's when someone got the idea of setting fire to one of the plywood boards in the middle of the ice, as the crowd began pulling up all of the wood and throwing onto the ever growing bonfire. Within a matter of a few minutes the fire had grown to a fairly large bonfire in the middle of the ice and smoke was filling the coliseum. That was the end of the show, as the fire marshal and police cleared the entire building. Show over! Pantera / Type O Negative Jul 29, 2017
 Judasp Coltrain With Ellen Florence and the Machine / The Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger Jul 29, 2017
 Judasp Coltrain Hot had a bad cold which was too bad because it was a great show, horrible horrible traffic afterwards Coldplay / Kitty, Daisy & Lewis / Amadou & Mariam Jul 29, 2017
 Judasp Coltrain With Ellen 10 rows back Eric Clapton Jul 29, 2017
 Judasp Coltrain With Ellen, No Sunday Bloody Sunday U2 / The Sugarcubes / Public Enemy Jul 29, 2017
 Hausdok 1981 @ Keil Auditorium in St Louis with Whitesnake. Jethro Tull Jul 28, 2017
 Hausdok 1984/5 Uriah Heep Jul 28, 2017