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 Hen1 Went with Kent Youngblood The Dukes of September May 14, 2018
 Hen1 Jeanie Campbell, Glenn Campbell niece, & Kay went with us. Car broke down on the DFW turnpike, but we made it anyway. Spitfire Tour May 14, 2018
 Hen1 Ticket cost 6.50 North American Tour May 14, 2018
 Cdilis Dude ripped w/ bass player throwing 7 string frettless bass & tall skinny guitarist playing upside down lefty Jimi style & Jake on drums. Jim Mohan Going Away Party May 14, 2018
 Rock's In My Head Oct 7: JACKSON BROWNE/BONNIE [email protected] Philharmonic Great night as BONNIE was becoming a huge star. Jackson Browne’s FOREVERY MAN album was just released with TAKE IT EASY and REDNECK FRIEND in rotation. Tonight we find DAVID LINDLEY the multi instrumentalist performing with Jackson. There is a clipping suggesting a guy named BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN opened but I have no notes about that. (Supported by Bonnie Raitt. Bruce Springsteen guests.) Jackson Browne / Bonnie Raitt / Bruce Springsteen May 14, 2018
 Rock's In My Head Sept 27? MIKE BLOOMFIELD @ The Orphanage in San Francisco. On our honeymoon I convinced the bride to see Mike Bloomfield who was playing in a small club in San Francisco. After a bit of difficulties verifying age and finding tonight was a “benefit” , my wife and I were seated on a sofa to the right of the stage. After the first set Bloomfield came over to us, thanking us for coming. He played amazingly with this “pick up” band of musicians.A true gentleman. Mike Bloomfield and Friends May 08, 2018
 Rock's In My Head July 28 LED ZEPPELIN @ MSG open with ROCK N ROLL...Filmed THE SONG REMAINS THE SAME. Led Zeppelin May 08, 2018
 Jay O. Tea 16€. Christian Death / Nox Interna May 08, 2018
 Ann Denham Love to see any photos if anyone has them. It was Huge concert 1st one at the park Tulsa didn't think it was going to be that big. Thanks Huey Lewis May 08, 2018
 Rock's In My Head The set list is NOT from that evening. Van Morrison / The Caledonia Soul Orchestra May 08, 2018
 Rock's In My Head Nov 23: Beach Boys @ Carnegie Hall One year later its back to the same venue for another dose of Beach Boy music. November 23, 1972-CARNEGIE HALL. SURF’S UP was out but not killing the charts as was CARL AND THE PASSIONS, with HOLLAND soon to follow, so the boys were somewhat “prolific”. Brian Wilson, the leader, was not with them at this stage in their career so some of the newer songs were …well…fillers at best. Again the band returned to Carnegie Hall with long hair flowing, no white matching suits or their stripped shirts. We had great seats upfront and center, spent time before the show at the Carnegie Hall bar where Al Jardine while hitting on my girlfriend bought us Margaritas which he and some band members were drinking, in excess. He later sang a song to her from the stage. Made her night. SLOOP JOHN B kicked off the festivities,then DARLIN’, HEREOS AND VILLAINS but some “of the new stuff” especially CALIFORNIA SAGA and a horrible STUDENT DEMONSTRATION TIME had me thinking, this once hip circa 1964, then “unhip” band is probably still unhip.Yet the hits had us dancing in the aisles by nights end. The Beach Boys May 07, 2018
 Rock's In My Head Cat Stevens Has a Hidden String Group By PAT O’HAIRIE It’s almost getting to be a trend these days for pop singers to back themselves up with a huge orchestral String section. Neil Diamond did it on Broadway last month; Randy Newman played and sang his strange compositions at Philharmonic Hall recently backed by a 50-piece symphonic group and now, on the same stage, it’s Cat Stevens’ turn. Stevens, the popular British singer-composer, who opened Tuesday at Philharmonic Hall in the first of a series of three concerts, was backed by his own quartet and a whole string section, which was hidden behind a black cloth barricade. He didn’t use them too much, however—they played only on a few numbers. Stevens does well enough on hi5 own. He sings with a quiet intensity; his lyrics are literate and evocative and he accompanies himself on guitar, piano and organ and in all, holds forth for a consistently entertaining 90 minutes on stage. He puts on a fine show; it’s nice to have him hack. It’s also fun to watch him ducking his head from side to side, curls flying wildly, almost as if he kept time with his head. His group stays pretty much in the background, but they are consistently good, also—they include Alun Davies on guitar, Alan James on bass, Gerry Conway on drums and Jean Roussel, with the most extreme Afro ever seen anywhere, on keyboards. An amusing 10-minute animate cartoon, "Moonshadow," opens the show, with Stevens singing on the sound track. Ramblin’ Jack Elliot was also supposed to be on the bill, but he was sick, so Jimmy and Vella, a brother and sister singing duo, substituted. They were excellent. Cat Stevens May 07, 2018
 Aquint James Shaky Knees Festival 2018 May 07, 2018
 Acey68 CHEAP TRICK HEADLINED Summer Jam 84 Part 1 May 06, 2018
 Acey68 BILLED AS SUMMER JAM 1984 Summer Jam 84 Part 1 May 06, 2018
 Acey68 BILLED AS ZAPPA PLAYS ZAPPA Dweezil Zappa at Jannus Live (September 11, 2015) May 06, 2018
 Acey68 There's always hidden gems to find, you just got to know where to look for them. I found such a gem this weekend hiding in plain sight in the beautiful city of Punta Gorda,Florida. Laisley Park is right on the water,where the Peace river meets Charlotte harbor right by highway 41. This is a small but wonderful area, that happens to also have live music festivals, and this weekend was the Peace River Revival w/ Devon Allman headlining. We took the hour long trek down south and were able to find parking fairly quickly right by the park, there wasn't a big crowd at the gate, they checked out our chairs for any contraband,and we got our wristbands($35 a piece) and we strolled on in. The festival was quaint,about a fifth the size of the festivals in Vinoy park in St. Petersburg, but they had plenty of food trucks,vendors, and a beer truck that had minimal wait times. We ran into a friend as we walked in and set up our chairs in an optimal space to see both stages close to the sound board. The stages were close to each other,with only a turn of the chair needed to face each one, they used both stages brilliantly to avoid any time between bands, as soon as one band finished, the next band started on the other stage. The crowd was definitely older,not many young people, but there were a few, mostly an Allman Brothers crowd mixed with a bunch of Donna the Buffalo's herd, and people interested in seeing Willie Nelson's son. There was a local bluegrass band playing when we got there, singing songs about Florida and a nice song about Punta Gorda, my friend thought the mandoline player was good, he also is a mandoline player, so he is biased, it also turned out they all new a friend of mine who is a musician in Sarasota, small world. It was a bright sunny day, the water was crashing the sea wall, and the palm trees were swaying in the wind, there was plenty of room to move around and enjoy the beauty of this wonderful park. Eric Lindell was supposed to be next, but because of an illness, he was replaced by Seth Freeman, who flew in from Seattle on 2 days notice, what a trooper, I assume he didn't mind the change in weather from 40 to the 75 degrees that we have here in Florida. He didn't have time to put together a band, but he did a great job alone(with no techs or roadies) to show off not only his acoustic skills,but also played some slide guitar wonderfully. Next was something completely different, a bluegrass band that plays 80's hits. Love Canon was a true bluegrass band with this unique niche of playing only 80's hits like Peter Gabriel's "Sledgehammer" and John Fogerty's "Centerfield" amongst others, it was fun to guess the songs as they started them up in the bluegrass fashion. The main stage was starting to become electric as the crowd was anticipating Lukas Nelson's set about to start, and as Love Cannon finished their set with a Howard Jones song, all attention was now on Willie's kid. I had seen Lukas play with his father years ago, but I was really looking forward to seeing this set, and the crowd was also psyched. The set was full of energy, with Lukas jumping around a lot a looking like he was having a great time, he added some tasty leads into the songs and gave the people what they were waiting for. In the middle of the set, he did a couple of acoustic songs including "Georgia on my Mind" and the beautiful ode to his hometown "Just outside of Austin" returning to electric, he began with a song that he said he wrote because he had to do "Georgia on my Mind" every night playing with his father, so he wrote "Forget about Georgia" tongue and cheek of course, because he still plays Georgie , even without his old man. Lukas finished his set with a tribute to the late Tom Petty, doing "American Girl" to thedelight of all in attendance. He came out and did a rocking encore and after almost an hour and a half set, his time had come to an end, a very good first impression of Promise of the Real, cant wait to see them do there own show. The crowd had swelled in front of the 2nd stage in the last ten minutes of Lukas set in anticipation of the Donna the Buffalo set that was about to begin. They brought a good number of their fans to the festival and now they were all massed in front of the side stage with there "Herd of 'em" shirts worn proudly. I too am a big fan of Donna but it has been 6 and a half years since I've seen them, so I was looking forward to seeing if they were still as good, they of course were. The only problem with their set was the sound, couldn't hear the vocals for the first song, and the sound was distorted for about a half hour before it finally kicked in and sounded right. I went down to the front of the stage for the 2nd half of the set and it was amazing to see these great musicians still as good as ever and looked like they were having a great time as well as everyone up in front of the stage. Everyone was dancing and being kind to all around, the best thing about a Donna show is you feel like everyone is family, a real sense of community. After the Donna set, the wind had picked up and it began to look ominous, the weather was supposed to hold up until later in the night, who thinks about rain when you're having such a good time!!! As we waited in the beer line to get a tasty beverage for the Devon Allman w/Duane Betts set, I felt a couple of drops, then everyone in line began to notice, and suddenly the skies opened and pandemonium ensued. Everyone ran back to get there chairs,all the while the band had begun their set, I got back to my seat, and Holly was soaked, as I tried to cover her, the music had suddenly stopped, I turned to see the band scamper off the stage and I knew that was my cue to hit the bricks. We gathered our belongings and headed, along with everyone else, to the exits and to the car. Luckily we parked close, and we were on our way home sopping wet in less then 10 minutes. The uncomfortable hour ride home went quickly, and it was good to get out of those wet clothes, unfortunately missing the Devon Allman set, I don't know if they even came back on stage. Even the rain couldn't put a damper on this wonderful event in this wonderful place on the water in Punta Gorda,Florida. I'm glad I finally discovered this gem, and I look forward to the next event, all that live in southwest florida,or on the gulf coast should check it out. Cheers!!! PEACE RIVER REVIVAL May 06, 2018
 Rock's In My Head Nov 4: James [email protected] CITY MUSIC HALL James Taylor married Carly Simon the day before. This is my first time for a concert in this beautiful yet cavernous hall, majestic to say the least. A pre-show dinner, some wine at the bar before the show and up to our seats we go. Opening with SWEET BABY JAMES and sequed into MAKIN’WHOOPEE, James was joined by his band for a full two hour twenty-four song set. James Taylor May 06, 2018
 Ken D This is not the setlist. Jethro Tull / Fanny May 05, 2018