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Sm_avatar_jim_lahey  Thebrew Canadian rock band Streetheart also had an opening set at this gig Van Halen / Eddie Money Aug 28, 2018
Sm_avatar_ba0af19c-fbb7-435d-92af-55e319f5aa66  Toolmaniak My first ever mosh pit, and I thought I was going well, until Frenzal Rhomb started! Great memories 😀 Silverchair Aug 21, 2018
39b7d0c892569b39d110d5316db08dbb  Pablocarc Happy, and very sad to say goodbye forever to one of the Big 4, Slayer. Thank you for all those years (a lot of years!), definitely huge part of my life. Also thanks to my friend Suraj for being there, first and last Slayer concert for him, but hope of the new heavy metal blood. Anthrax / Testament / Slayer / Napalm Death / Lamb of God Aug 19, 2018
Sm_avatar_082a4e89-a23d-49b9-915f-1cb9fc5d4012  Smythster Over excited parent that got in the way of the performance. Horsham Battle of the Bands Aug 18, 2018
B8afdd353629abd3b5c2760e3263587a  Bill59 I was at this show and the following one in the summer. Second show was a disappointment. The neighbors behind the amphitheater had succeeded in getting volume restrictions passed...substantially reduced volume. Also, the band was off, Ralph Molina missed his cues twice... But the show in November was incredible. One of the best I have ever seen. The band was in top form...When Neil did his solo acoustic set you could've heard a pin drop...beautiful November evening... Neil Young and Crazy Horse Aug 17, 2018
Sm_avatar_hzqkv6llrfe2niuli6ukvsm5iy  Jeffrey Lee It should be noted that the two tickets I've uploaded are not mine. My ticket has gone AWOL and hopefully it will turn up in the future (I have several concert tickets that have gone into hiding). So until it reveals itself, these will have to suffice. Queen / Thin Lizzy Aug 15, 2018
Dc1658f8f7792dd18d412631ec897d46  Doverust I believe the opening band was McAuley Schenker Group (MSG). Great White / Micheal Schenker Group Aug 15, 2018
Sm_avatar_img_4426  Micky Sean Bailey Good Tmes God’s Favorite Customer Aug 15, 2018
Sm_avatar_img_4426  Micky Sean Bailey Fun All American Roadshow Aug 15, 2018
Sm_avatar_4a6f4208-f11b-47b1-aa1d-c0923ca221ba  Dave Tin Ny SETLIST: Subdivisions The Big Money Force Ten Grand Designs Middletown Dreams Territories The Analog Kid The Pass Where's My Thing? (including drum solo) Far Cry Set 2: (with Clockwork Angels String Ensemble) Caravan Clockwork Angels The Anarchist Carnies The Wreckers Headlong Flight (including drum solo) Halo Effect (guitar solo intro) Wish Them Well The Garden Dreamline Drum Solo (The Percussor) Red Sector A YYZ (exit Clockwork Angels String Ensemble) The Spirit of Radio Encore: Tom Sawyer 2112 Part I: Overture 2112 Part II: The Temples of Syrinx 2112 Part VII: Grand Finale Tom Sawyer RUSH Aug 14, 2018
Sm_avatar_4a6f4208-f11b-47b1-aa1d-c0923ca221ba  Dave Tin Ny Killer show! Alice In Chains Aug 14, 2018
327dbf55b77f1c14b979c8ff8522d469  Mojotooth Ian's voice was rough tonight, probably from lots of recent touring. However his guitar playing was absolutely off the hook. Not bad at all for a 50-yr-old blues/rock/folk/funk/R&B/soul songwriter! Ian Moore with Alexa Wiley at Mississippi Studios (August 9, 2018) Aug 10, 2018
Sm_avatar_img_1941  Dpb23 There was a pre show where th PB's answered questions and played three songs from the new album. Punch Brothers Aug 10, 2018
6150b2979a139cb51ac6628f34efcdc4  Mruseful Just leaving school. I think this was the one that was filmed by the BBC. Unsure as went to see him twice at this venue David Bowie and the Spiders From Mars Aug 07, 2018
Cc39ea34adc537a44317ce06f81c6712  Jr Conoli The Lonesome Jubilee Tour John Cougar Mellencamp Aug 06, 2018
Cc39ea34adc537a44317ce06f81c6712  Jr Conoli Whenever We Wanted Tour John Mellencamp at Meadowlands Arena (January 16, 1992) Aug 06, 2018
Cc39ea34adc537a44317ce06f81c6712  Jr Conoli Back from Rio tour Roger Mcguinn Aug 06, 2018
Cc39ea34adc537a44317ce06f81c6712  Jr Conoli Jon Bon Jovi showed up and sang on the encores! Meat Loaf Aug 06, 2018
33292fff0fd5ab6d2be81f0354e44698  Alicia Bolicia Crap seats but the most amazing concert! Adele at Pepsi Center (July 17, 2016) Aug 03, 2018
33292fff0fd5ab6d2be81f0354e44698  Alicia Bolicia With Teri Smith. First heard Everybody Lay Down. Pat Benatar & Neil Giraldo Aug 03, 2018