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 Thomas Vacchino (Honest there were like 500 Bands playing or some foolishness! Hi-lites were seeing the return of A.I.C. with William Duvall & Black Stone Cherry. Everything else was a blur) Locobazooka Sep 18, 2019
 Thomas Vacchino Tony Levin played Bass in his band Jim Weider Sep 18, 2019
 Mce 63 This was my second concert. The place was absolutely packed since it was a free concert and shortly after their Infinity album came out. It was a beautiful summer night with the temperature just right. The dealers all hung out along the path about where the concession stand is today. It was all plush lawn back then. The haze of pot was thick in the air. Of all the concerts I've been to and forgotten, I will always remember this one. Infinity Tour Sep 18, 2019
 Okbye I saw this tour in Phoenix, AZ but don't know the exact date. Did they not talk to, any crowds on this tour or did they just hate us? Heartbeat City Tour 1984 Sep 17, 2019
 Pedrochu there were also Destroyer and Overkill but I was too tired to even care so I left Rezet / Flotsam & Jetsam Sep 17, 2019
 Stvnegert Didnt get to see much of this set, Brian Ruggles and I had to be escorted off the premises by the Cedar Rapids PD. We might have been a little drunk. Thanks Scott Cary!! Aersomith- Done with Mirrors Tour Sep 17, 2019
 Stvnegert Free show in the city, right after Yankee was released, band was their best and set was best I have ever seen by this band. Wilco Sep 17, 2019
 Stvnegert The lineup was just plan awesome. My Morning Jacket set was off the charts, best live performance ever! Foo Fighters in the rain and the Coldplay light show were also memorial. discovering Smith Westerns, Titus Andronicus and added to it. Spirited sets from Cage, The Kills, Mountain Goats (meeting Jophn Dranielle), Bright Eyes, Best Coast, BAD, the list just goes on and on and on. Lineup was stacked!! Lollapalooza 2011 (August 5-8, 2011) Sep 17, 2019
 Stvnegert The opening by the band was just unheard of...the walked thru the crowd to the stage playing "Add it Up" and the show just got better from there out. Violent Femmes Sep 17, 2019
 Stvnegert Best show I have seen to date at Barn to date. Hanging with band after show and getting to have some great conversations with Mike Mills and Scott McCaughey was just priceless. Got to meet some cool people and hang with Patrick Stock all night as well. The Baseball Project Sep 17, 2019
 Stvnegert Slam dancing for first time and meeting band before show were just awesome. Band was on their "A" game and set was just raw and straight up rock and roll. High from show led to me and Brian Ruggles walking home after show,... The Replacements Please to Meet Me Tour Sep 17, 2019
 Christian Blatter 25 anniversary of old lost cross band Shryock Sep 16, 2019
 Thomas Vacchino Pink Floyd Tribute band Pink Voyd Theatrical Rock Show Sep 16, 2019
 Tomsteck59 1986 Coral Reefer Band * Jimmy Buffett: Vocals and guitar * Josh Leo: Guitar (Summer Tour Dates) * Tim Krekel: Guitar (Fall Tour Dates) * George Porter: Bass (Summer Tour Dates) * Tim Drummond: Bass (Fall Tour Dates) * Matt Betton: Drums * Greg “Fingers” Taylor: Harmonica and background vocals * Michael Utley: Piano and organ (Summer Tour Dates) * Vince Melamed: Keyboards and organ (Fall Tour Dates) * Sam Clayton: Congas * Robert Greenidge: Steel Drums * Larry Lee: Percussion Jimmy Buffett And The Coral Reefer Band Sep 16, 2019
 Tomsteck59 World Tours of Florida During intermission trapeze artist performed. Jimmy Buffett And The Coral Reefer Band Sep 16, 2019
 Bobnoxious23 Pussyfoot Girls Burlesque also performed. Cult of the Psychic Fetus / Lords of the Highway / Horror of '59 Sep 15, 2019
 Tiffany Kotz went with Paul! The Guess Who Sep 15, 2019
 Pedrochu a brand new band so there were no recordings of their music at all, so no one knew what to expect. It was funky and a bit jazzy, pretty fun Von Pourquery Sep 13, 2019
 Ca Hummingbird Fantastic show! Some of the guys were in the casino afterwards shaking hands & signing autographs. Ultimate 70’s Show Sep 13, 2019
 Tomsteck59 Personnel Bon Jovi * Jon Bon Jovi – lead vocals, acoustic guitar, rhythm guitar, maracas, tambourine * Richie Sambora – lead guitar, backing vocals, talk box * Hugh McDonald – bass guitar, backing vocals * Tico Torres – drums, percussion * David Bryan – keyboards, backing vocals Additional personnel * Bobby Bandiera – rhythm guitar, backing vocals * Lorenza Ponce – violin, viola, tambourine, backing vocals * Kurt Johnston – pedal steel guitar, banjo, mandolin, Dobro, backing vocals Bon Jovi Sep 13, 2019