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 Jumping Jack Flash The WHO were peaking at their artistic zenith with an amazing catalog to pick songs from for the show. And The Clash, oh man what a great bonus. London Calling is still one of my all time favorite albums. The show went really late and the subways were packed. At 16, my friends and I missed the last train to New Haven to get home and had to hang out on 42nd street sidewalk outside Grand Central Station till trains ran the next morning. It was so worth it and the story for the parents worked out great with no punishment. LOL Thank goodness a 24 hour McDonald's served Big Macs even though the lettuce was brownish. The Who / The Clash Nov 15, 2021
 Celluloid Hey, anyone know if there was an opening band for this concert, and who that band was? Starship Nov 15, 2021
 Jumping Jack Flash One of the last really great Jerry performances. Jerry Garcia Band Nov 15, 2021
 Jumping Jack Flash A very young and energized U2 before exploding onto the World. We celebrated Bono's 23rd Birthday with this show. Only 2 U2 songs were radio known really at this point in America, "I will follow" & "Gloria". U2 Nov 15, 2021
 Jumping Jack Flash SIGH Watch the videos, listen & melt. Remembering this beautiful show brings me to the verge of happy tears. What a voice to hear live. Sade Nov 15, 2021
 Jumping Jack Flash No need to explain why this is my number 1 favorite show. Music, Theatrics & a Story mastered to perfection. The Wall Live - Roger Waters Nov 15, 2021
 Jumping Jack Flash Watch the video to understand why this show is in my top 3 favorite shows. And then look at the setlist. OMG what a show. Bruce Springsteen / Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band Nov 15, 2021
 Aesthete £55 for general admission ticket. New Order / Hot Chip / Working Men's Club Nov 14, 2021
 Jim Lyons This was a lecture, but it ROCKED so hard I had to list it. Kurt Vonnegut Nov 14, 2021
 Onthefritz awesome musician and got to watch him from behind the curtain backstage... excellent! Buddy Rich and his Band Nov 14, 2021
 Glenn Petra, Sabine, Sean, Barb, Dave & Daniela Wright The Big Wheels Keep on Turnin' Tour Nov 14, 2021
 Esun2 Great concert & road trip to get there from CT. Thunderstorm came thru holding up the show Lynyrd Skynyrd / Marshal Tucker Nov 14, 2021
 Esun2 Event code:GW0811, Section 3, Row F, Seat 3, $1.50 parking included- saved the ticket stub- awesome concert seated right up front Eric Clapton Nov 14, 2021
 Glenn Got tickets from VETTIX. Local H / Soul Asylum Nov 14, 2021
 [email protected] This was not set list obviously! The The Nov 14, 2021
 Jumping Jack Flash Parents bought 5 tickets for my older sister & friends if they took me. I was 9 ... awesome. Cat Stevens / Linda Lewis Nov 14, 2021
 Sundae Ad courtesy of The Los Angeles Free Press 60's Music Site John Hammond and Mance Lipscomb Nov 13, 2021
 Timstreetporter The first concert at the Roundhouse in London in 1966 was Country Joe and the Fish. This is not in the records. I was there. The Roundhouse Nov 13, 2021
 Grace Strah Shortly before everything came out about Mini Ladd. Very happy I still got to see Anthony in person, but knowing what Craig has done now makes me feel disgusted. The Demonetized Tour Nov 13, 2021
 Chas55 Venue was The Mansfield Tavern Jethro Tull Nov 13, 2021