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 Kirkasthemeld This was a fun performance at the height of Sandler's popularity. He did some funny songs on guitar and told his most famous jokes. This was before he became a total douche. Adam Sandler Sep 12, 2019
 Kirkasthemeld My very first punk rock show at the Outhouse. This was before Offspring had made it at all and they still just had a demo tape. I went for Dead Silence, who is an awesome pro-animal rights hardcore punk band from Boulder, CO. The Offspring was great (although, I didn't like their later stuff). The Offspring / Dead Silence Sep 12, 2019
 Tomsteck59 The Lost Highway tour Bon Jovi Sep 12, 2019
 Kirkasthemeld This is probably the most famous Outhouse show, and I was there. Unfortunately, I didn't get to eat all day and was famished by show time. The venue was so packed, that I watched most of it through the window, as I remember being slightly nauseous as I was getting blasted by the smell of sweat and beer/urine and the heat of all of the bodies inside. Despite all of this, I got to meet Daryl of the Bad Brains, who was cool and the show was amazing. Bad Brains / Sin City Disciples Sep 12, 2019
 Kirkasthemeld This show was so fucking good. Went for Killdozer, but had never heard Jesus Lizard yet. When a greasy, truck driver, looking guy came out of the audience, jumped on stage and started singing (it was David Yow) my mind was blown. I became a huge fan. Also, Killdozer was a grinding, loud, sweaty, grungy, good time. The Jesus Lizard / Killdozer Sep 12, 2019
 Kirkasthemeld Oh yeah. Fugazi at the Outhouse. This show was legendary. I met Ian Mackaye after the show and tried to ask him an innocent question about him being a vegetarian/vegan. He answered rather snarkily. I later learned that he had been given some shit by an Outhouse promoter and may not have gotten paid for the gig, so I can understand why he was upset. Also, it was KS, which I imagine was a bit weird for a DC band to come to. Fugazi / Sin City Disciples Sep 12, 2019
 Kirkasthemeld A fun show, and one of the very few that I went to in Wichita. I went with Dave Almanza. Torte Elvis was hilarious and it was a lot of fun. Dread Zeppelin Sep 12, 2019
 Kirkasthemeld This was a hilarious show that my sister and I went to at the KS State Fair. Since Hutch had never had a rap artist play there before, in typical racist fashion, the city assumed that there would be gang activity at the concert and the police were there en masse. Of course, it was fine and nothing ever happened. Michael Damian / Kool Moe Dee Sep 12, 2019
 Kirkasthemeld This is the infamous $7 Nirvana show. Right before they broke into the mainstream with "Smells Like Teen Spirit". I really didn't know them too well before the show and mostly went for UO, I later became a huge fan. It was an amazing night. I love UO and totally disagree with those who said that they sucked at this show. Urge Overkill / Nirvana / Paw Sep 12, 2019
 Kirkasthemeld This was the last show that I went to at the famous Outhouse. It was a fun ska show with some local, and semi local bands. Skankin' Pickle / The Blue Meanies Sep 12, 2019
 Kirkasthemeld This was a cool show, and one of the only hip-hop shows that I have been to. The only thing that I didn't like was that the bass was so loud that it drowned out a lot of the rest of the music. Public Enemy Sep 12, 2019
 Kirkasthemeld I had to guess on the date of this show, but I am pretty sure that it was in 1992. They played at the Down and Under, which is now the 8th Street Taproom. Shannon came out with mouse traps on his ears and no shirt on and they were insane, noisy, slightly scary, and great. Cows Sep 12, 2019
 Kirkasthemeld This was a really cool show. I remember Throwing Muses being great and although I wasn't a fan of the Lips yet (I would become a big fan later on), I remember them being good, but really LOUD. Throwing Muses / The Flaming Lips Sep 12, 2019
 Kirkasthemeld This was an awesome show. I remember Dinosaur Jr. was extremely loud and raw. They had cool lights and plants on stage, which made for a cool atmosphere. Dinosaur Jr. / The Spinanes Sep 12, 2019
 Kirkasthemeld This was an awesome showcase. I went for Zoom, of whom I was and am a huge fan. This was the first time that I ever heard Hum and was blown away by their intensity. It was great. At the long, lost Hideaway venue. Feast of the Sybarites-Lotus Pool Records Sep 12, 2019
 Kirkasthemeld This was an awesome show. Jesus Lizard were so powerful and creepy, just like you would hope. Raw intensity. The Jezus Lizard Sep 12, 2019
 Kirkasthemeld This was a killer show at Memorial Hall. Nirvana had just released In Utero and was in fine form. I was a huge Mudhoney fan as well. Great all around. I remember Nirvana destroying most of their equipment at the end of the show, including Kurt destroying a life-size anatomical doll. Mudhoney / Jawbreaker / Nirvana Sep 12, 2019
 Kirkasthemeld This was a super-fun show and one of the only shows that I got in the pit for. I remember falling down, getting an accidental boot to the head, and then being picked up by an unknown person. Good times! The Dead Milkmen Sep 12, 2019
 Kirkasthemeld What a fun show! I was a huge UO fan at the time (still am) and it was great. The band was decked out in shirts that spelled out URGE and they rocked, despite a mud fight breaking out in the crowd. Luckily, I was far enough back that I didn't get in on it. Urge Overkill Sep 12, 2019
 Kirkasthemeld This was an awesome show. Lux had his dick out half way through the show and the band was hot an heavy all night. The Cramps Sep 12, 2019