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 Timstreetporter The first concert at the Roundhouse in London in 1966 was Country Joe and the Fish. This is not in the records. I was there. The Roundhouse Nov 13, 2021
 Grace Strah Shortly before everything came out about Mini Ladd. Very happy I still got to see Anthony in person, but knowing what Craig has done now makes me feel disgusted. The Demonetized Tour Nov 13, 2021
 Chas55 Venue was The Mansfield Tavern Jethro Tull Nov 13, 2021
 Conrad Anyone see them in a coffee house at Syracuse University in 70 or 71? Weather Report Nov 13, 2021
 Conrad Anyone else remember this or specifics? Weather Report Nov 13, 2021
 Conrad Not sure of date. Very small intimate room with Shorter, Zawinal, etc Weather Report Nov 13, 2021
 Barry Booth 2nd gig way back! Hawkwind Nov 12, 2021
 Barry Booth 1st time seeing Rory, what a gig! Rory Gallagher Nov 12, 2021
 Barry Booth 1st night of the 3 that were recorded for the live album! Status Quo Nov 12, 2021
 Justin Thiele This is like a fantasy line up! 😍 Thursday / Cursive / Jeremy Enigk / The Appleseed Cast Nov 12, 2021
 David Summerlin Stage Left Production Team Event / put up one fine concert~! REO SPEEDWAGON / HEART Nov 12, 2021
 Rolilohse 2G Concert TΩRA / Byelian Nov 12, 2021
 Blvinyl The Clash Nov 12, 2021
 Blvinyl The Clash Nov 12, 2021
 Kirk Evans How could you forget The Beatles playing Fulton county stadium? August 18th 1965. Originally called Atlanta stadium Fulton County Stadium Nov 12, 2021
 Txman Strongest memory from this concert was being caught in a terrible crush as fans tried to push their way through the gate before it opened. Thankfully an event manager had the wherewithal to open it early and I don’t think anyone was seriously injured. Rush / Sweet / Uriah Heep Nov 11, 2021
 Voodoo Chile Billy Strings Nov 11, 2021
 Stuart Mc Intosh Gary Go setlist: 1. Open Arms 2. Engines 3. Wonderful 4. Life Gets In The Way 5. Heart And Soul 6. Black And White Days Take That / The Script / Gary Go Nov 11, 2021
 Stuart Mc Intosh Monster Truck Setlist was: 1. Why Are You Not Rocking? 2. She's A Witch 3. Old Train 4. Don't Tell Me How To Live 5. The Enforcer 6. For The People 7. For The Sun 8. Sweet Mountain River 9. New Soul 10. Righteous Smoke 11. The Lion Nickelback / Monster Truck Nov 11, 2021
 Chill Gill It was a packed house and a good show. By far the most people I’ve seen attend a concert since the start of the pandemic. George sounded as good as ever!! George Strait / Eric Church / Caitlyn Smith Nov 11, 2021