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 Arnottky Backyard Sticks opened, but I was late and didn't see them Truslow / Shiny Penny Mar 05, 2019
 Arnottky Truslow opened, but I was late and didn't see them Twenty One Pilots / Vinyl Theater Mar 05, 2019
 Glenn Patrick Moore Was my first concert and one of the best ever. I was in 5th grade and went with 4 friends I was 10 years old. Jethro Tull Mar 02, 2019
 Nspills Best show I’ve ever seen Ordinary Corrupt Human Love tour Mar 02, 2019
 Wizzmer Didn't begin until 10:30. The scheduled opening act, Phantogram, was canceled. Muse Mar 01, 2019
 Wizzmer Solo America Mar 01, 2019
 Pedrochu Nikopol was a weird mix of a lot of genres, I'm not a huge fan I was expecting Wizard to be boring math rock, but it was very energetic and cool and nice. Also cheers to them for offering a sticker of their logo to me and my friend Wizard / Nikopol Feb 26, 2019
 Pedrochu Missed the first band and a good chunk of the second one unfortunately, but I really enjoyed Tennis System The Black Queen / Tennis System / Kanga Feb 26, 2019
 Pedrochu the singer of god mother spent almost the whole show in the pit, it was pretty cool, he was moshing with his mic and stuff Employed To Serve / God Mother Feb 26, 2019
 Pedrochu I was at the very front row during Hexis and TGIAC, it was mind blowing Hexis / This Gift Is A Curse / Kantor Feb 26, 2019
 Pedrochu Ensiferum lost pretty much all their gear at the airport, so they had to improvise an acoustic show, that was pretty amazing also Franky Constanza was a special guest during all of Les Tambours du Bronx show Plane R Fest Feb 26, 2019
 Pedrochu I was at Javier Reyes' masterclass before the show (it was a free one), I made him sign my 8 string guitar, which is Rob Scallon's custom guitar, and he fucked up his signature haha Now i have a weird drawing by Javier on my guitar, and no one is ever gonna believe me Plini / Mestis / Arch Echo Feb 26, 2019
 Pedrochu a fucking noise concert with some fucking Chinese artists, fucking amazing Li Jianhong 李劍鴻 / Mei Zhiyong 梅志勇 / Heimatlos 無家 / Wang Ziheng 王子衡 Feb 26, 2019
 Pedrochu i expected a post-rock concert but holy fucking shit the walls of sound during Au Revoir were really something Au Revoir / LAC / NohOï Feb 26, 2019
 Pedrochu i only wanted to see Benighted, the others bands looked pretty cancer it was the 10th anniversary concert of Sounds Like Hell Productions and the 20th of Benighted. At the end, a guy from the staff of the venue came on stage to say that they don't have time to play another song, but Benighted was like "fuck it it's our anniversary" but right when they began the guy cut off electricity on stage lel Oakman/Buy Jupiter/The Mars Chronicles/Smash Hit Combo/Benighted Feb 26, 2019
 Pedrochu the bass was so fucking loud for weedeater haha Weedeater / Wichgrove Feb 26, 2019
 Pedrochu I came way too late and could only see Havok :'( Havok / Darkest Hour / Cephalic Carnage / Harlott Feb 26, 2019
 Pedrochu wanted to miss Oakman because I don't like them but they played later than expected so I came just in time for them lel TTNG / Oakman Feb 26, 2019
 Pedrochu Definitely one of the best concert I've been to. I missed the first band, and Ropoporose was shitty, but holy shit Lysistrata killed it. They finished with a big noisy finale, and at one point the guitarist handed me his guitar, so I began to play random things while he was doing stuff with his pedals set to make some noise. Then he moved his amp right in front of me to make me deaf. That wall of noise and the whole experience was just amazing. I even hurt my fingers while playing, i lost a little bit of my finger's nail and some of my finger's skin as well. There was my blood on his guitar. That was so fucking cool haha Lysistrata / Ropopose / LAC Feb 26, 2019
 Pedrochu I was waiting to see Atlantis Chronicles for so long now, but their singer couldn't be there so they had a replacement :'( Atlantis Chronicles / In Arkadia / The Reversionist Feb 26, 2019