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3aeb1aeecfdfcb258033fb9e04dfc591  Carianneb Avenged sevenfold and prophets of rage replaced by chevelle due to illness. Impact fest Aug 03, 2018
98e631e7bfb2d6cc0fdf7c9721fd1ccb  Dannephi This was my first concert, as well - but first opener was a band called "Souls", not Veruca Salt Bush / Veruca Salt / The Jesus Lizard Aug 03, 2018
Sm_avatar_unknown  Respected Swami Pretty sure Pussycat Dolls were the opener Britney Spears at Tacoma Dome (April 9, 2009) Jul 31, 2018
Sm_avatar_img_1617  Riff Hewn Altar Saw Bongripper and Amarok. Amarok's set was sick and beautiful. Bongripper were Bongripper. I was sad I couldn't see their Satan Worshipping Doom night. Bongripper play Terminal plus more, Amarok, Somnuri at Saint Vitus (July 26, 2018) Jul 31, 2018
Sm_avatar_img_1617  Riff Hewn Altar For some reason, Concert Archives reverted to the setlist for the early show. Here’s the actual setlist: Watcher in the Dark Dropout Thorns Dancing in Madness Foreigner Given to the Grave Worlds Apart Devoid of Redemption Pallbearer and Spotlights (Late Show) at Saint Vitus (July 30, 2018) Jul 31, 2018
8b95bafe06134100e8a5a1e69bbe3546  Palamala Originally In 1972, this venue was The San Diego Sports Arena. It was on this night of The Moody Blues concert the San Diego Sports Arena had completely sold out for the first time. Such a magical evening it was with the incomperable Moody Blues. The Moody Blues at Valley View Casino Center (November 3, 1972) Jul 30, 2018
Sm_avatar_20180605_151244  Mdrewes Joywave played Destruction twice! Thanks. Thanks for coming Jul 29, 2018
Sm_avatar_20180605_151244  Mdrewes That setlist is not correct. BT ll just came out so he played some new songs UNO Spring Concert Jul 29, 2018
0a380bf015ed76613b171e7fb155385e  Shawn X-Fest 2000 Jul 27, 2018
C7f2046808fc1b02e4249d33e6fa62e7  Aquint Marc Courtney Barnett with Vagabon and Julien Baker at Prospect Park Bandshell (July 25, 2018) Jul 27, 2018
B71e5d08ff275f6c100b4a39f6669c4f  Fuzzy Dunlop Eric and I, first show at the Armory, my first show driving from the new house in Arden Hills. Coheed KILLED it, as per mutual. Coheed and Cambria and Taking Back Sunday with The Story So Far at Minneapolis Armory (July 25, 2018) Jul 26, 2018
Sm_avatar_hzqkv6llrfe2niuli6ukvsm5iy  Jeffrey Lee I researched the name of the venue, and it appears the name change did not occur until 2010...perhaps you should edit and amend so others looking up this particular show won't get confused. On January 8, 2010, the name of the venue was changed from "Nissan Pavilion" to "Jiffy Lube Live" as a result of a business agreement between Live Nation and Jiffy Lube Washington Area Co-op Inc. Steely Dan at Jiffy Lube Live (July 22, 2000) Jul 25, 2018
Sm_avatar_hzqkv6llrfe2niuli6ukvsm5iy  Jeffrey Lee This venue should be entered as USAir Arena. The name "Capital Centre" was defunct. Jimmy Page and Robert Plant at Capital Centre (March 23, 1995) Jul 25, 2018
Sm_avatar_hzqkv6llrfe2niuli6ukvsm5iy  Jeffrey Lee Eddie Money appeared at this (now defunct) 700 capacity nightclub, now home to the New School for the Arts and Academics. Earlier in the day, he made an in-store appearance at Tower Records, where I shot a series of Kodachrome images of him applying his famous signature to various provocative areas of the female anatomy. One young fan...she handed Eddie her el Marko magic marker, yanked down her cut-off jeans, and had him sign her shaved pubic area! Eddie looked over at me with a nod and a wink as I snapped away. The photographs I took from that night's performance are lost, as the lab informed me the film was damaged during processing - oh I'll bet. Eddie Money Jul 25, 2018
Sm_avatar_hzqkv6llrfe2niuli6ukvsm5iy  Jeffrey Lee Van Halen at the bargain basement price of only $4.00! At this point, they were fast making the transition from local Pasadena hard rock band playing small clubs and backyard parties, to major headlining act on the strength of their recently released debut album. On a Phoenix radio station the afternoon of their performance, a DJ asked David Lee Roth if he had any problems with drugs - his reply: "Not since we started making money"! Does anyone have a recording of that interview? Van Halen / Borealis Jul 25, 2018
Sm_avatar_hzqkv6llrfe2niuli6ukvsm5iy  Jeffrey Lee Are you kidding me? It would have been worth the ticket price alone just to hear them perform "Babylon Sisters" and nothing else...then pack up and leave the stage. Steely Dan Jul 24, 2018
Sm_avatar_hzqkv6llrfe2niuli6ukvsm5iy  Jeffrey Lee I was there too. Plasmatics Jul 24, 2018
Sm_avatar_hzqkv6llrfe2niuli6ukvsm5iy  Jeffrey Lee Brilliant pairing with Nine Inch Nails, obscure songs, and the bonus accompaniment of Reeves Gabrels (Tin Machine) and Michael David Garson (The Spiders from Mars)! David Bowie / Nine Inch Nails / Prick Jul 24, 2018
Sm_avatar_img_4426  Micky Sean Bailey ✌️ Stars Align Tour Jul 24, 2018
Sm_avatar_hzqkv6llrfe2niuli6ukvsm5iy  Jeffrey Lee Superlative show on every level, with the added bonus of Peter Frampton. "Loving the Alien" and "Sons of the Silent Age" were the highlights of the performance. There's was no such thing as a lackluster Bowie concert. David Bowie Jul 24, 2018