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 Pedrochu barely knew Magma before, I was completely blown away by their show Magma Feb 26, 2019
 Pedrochu didn't stay until the end because I found it boring Les Ramoneurs de Menhirs Feb 26, 2019
 Micky Sean Bailey That’s a great story, love it. We must be the same age. I was also 15 and it was my first concert. Born Again Feb 25, 2019
 Dc Boy I was there! The hilarious thing was that when we went (early), there was a group of about 15 super old religious people sitting in the nosebleed seats (where we were). They looked a bit uncomfortable. As soon as Heaven came out, they bolted - as fast as really old people can. They must have been in their 60s-70s. I am pretty sure they thought it was some kind of religious even, with a headliner of "black sabbath and heaven". Either that, or it was a prank that someone played on them. I was 15 and it was one of my first concerts... Born Again Feb 25, 2019
 Devilfire92 Went with: Stevo, Emalee, Nate. Got 2 Atreyu guitar picks, Atreyu signed albums, signed Atreyu setlist and limited edition tour shirt In Our Wake Tour Feb 24, 2019
 Rh Corbett Hide Away (Freddie King cover) Play Video Divin' Duck Play Video Last Night (Freddie Scott cover) Play Video Walking by Myself (Jimmy Rogers cover) Play Video Leland Mississippi Blues Play Video Wipeout (The Surfaris cover) Play Video Rave On! (Sonny West cover) Play Video New York, New York Play Video Come On in My Kitchen (Robert Johnson cover) Play Video Rollin' and Tumblin' (Hambone Willie Newbern cover) Play Video Highway 61 Revisited (Bob Dylan cover) Play Video Look on Yonder Wall (James "Beale Street" Clark cover) Play Video It Hurts Me Too (Tampa Red cover) Play Video Brown Eyed Handsome Man (Chuck Berry cover) Play Video w/ Edgar Winter Tobacco Road (John D. Loudermilk cover) Play Video Every Day I Have the Blues (Pine Top cover) Play Video Got My Mojo Working (Ann Cole cover) Play Video One Step at a Time Play Video Instrumental Play Video Honest I Do (Jimmy Reed cover) Play Video (Unknown) (Rock 'n' Roll medley) Long Tall Sally (Little Richard cover) Play Video Instrumental Edgar and Johnnie Winter Feb 24, 2019
 Milocampo this show was a week before I saw them in L.A. AC/DC / Midnight Flyer Feb 23, 2019
 Sara TimesTalk event Karen O / Danger Mouse Feb 23, 2019
 Rolf Thalmann Thanks my friend !!! Joe Jackson Feb 23, 2019
 Craig Mac Good show. Late start. 9:30 doors/10:00pm start, doors and show both started :45 min late. Charly Bliss Feb 23, 2019
 Pokejumbo66 One of the best shows I have ever seen in my life. Went with a VIP Package for me and Griffith (Patrick). Early entry, catered meal, Row 5 Seats 11 & 12. The Wall Live Feb 23, 2019
 Ignatius Surprised I was able to find the info for this rave. I was 17, still using Myspace, had a friend on there (Tre/DJ Seven) who had set up a rave as part of a church lock in that me and my sister had gone to. Tre promoted this event on his Myspace, a more proper underground rave than the lock in, at a shitty roller rink up in Sansom Park, which as far as can tell is now just a warehouse building... I brought Jeremey along, I was innocent as I could have been back then (had been dating my first girlfriend for 7 months) and this didn't really change that for me, it was an all ages show and I'm sure there were crazy kids on drugs up there, but I do remember it being chill. (we met an intoxicated girl and since I didn't know any better I just thought she was friendly and a little weird) I enjoyed that night but did not feel the pull to do any more raving until 7 years later. I was only able to find the address and lineup because Tre's Myspace page still exists and you can browse his photos and see the event posters. So while the event isn't particularly memorable to me, it is significant as being the first rave in my life, and quite possibly the only "underground" (independent one-off warehouse show promoted by word of mouth) show I will get to attend in my time Eskimo Pie at DFW Roller Sports (June 6, 2017) Feb 23, 2019
 Ignatius Elevating platforms for Korey and Ben onstage Skillet / Hawk Nelson / The Letter Black / Decyfer Down Feb 23, 2019
 Ignatius Resistance Tour, Three Towers Stage New Born laser show with Chris and Matt's towers finally dropping to ground level, could very well be the best live moment of my Muse fandom. Map of the Problematique as well. Silversun Pickups killed it as expected, they wished us a happy Saint Patrick's Day Muse / Silversun Pickups Feb 23, 2019
 Ignatius Red had an awfully short set. Newsboys killed it with their spinning drum rig Winter Jam at American Airlines Center Feb 23, 2019
 Ignatius Man Factory was catchy as hell. Basically a Street Fighter rock opera. I met Craig Benzine and he was really humble Driftless Pony Club with Man Factory at The Aardvark (March 8, 2011) Feb 23, 2019
 Ignatius Basic arena stage with Resistance hexagon screens and lasers. Butterflies and Hurricanes was played. Muse / Middle Class Rut / Cage The Elephant Feb 23, 2019
 Ignatius Hometown show for Pentatonix. Avi and Mitch have some ridiculous pipes on them. For buying merch I got to meet them as they signed onstage Pentatonix Feb 23, 2019
 Ignatius Loamlands were so charming, and of course I could never turn down a chance to see the Best Ever Indie Band play The Best Ever Death Metal Band In Denton... In Denton. JD broke a string during Alpha Rats Nest and PPH carried the song so well. The Mountain Goats / Loamlands Feb 23, 2019
 Ignatius Demon Hunter was so good! LifeWar in particular was better live than on the album Demon Hunter / Veridia / Theory of Resistance / RED Feb 23, 2019