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 Kirkasthemeld This was one of the first truly psychedelic show experiences. I was working a terrible janitor job at the time and to go to this show right after work was exhilarating. The Lips came out on what seemed to be a minimal stage set up, only to blow my mind wide open when they flipped a switch and a giant music-synced Christmas light display came on. It was so much fun. I thought at one point that I had lit my sleeve on fire, but it was just my imagination. Flaming Lips Sep 12, 2019
 Kirkasthemeld About as anticlimactic as a show on my birthday could be. I was so hyped to see the Butthole Surfers and I got to, but they were a shell of what they had been by that time. In addition to that, I had to endure an hour plus long set of the Toadies, who were awful. Butthole Surfers, Toadies, Rev. Horton Heat, Supersuckers Sep 12, 2019
 Kirkasthemeld This was on the 12 Golden Country Hits tour and was really fun. I was on "it" at the show and the band had a full blown country band backing them. Deaner accidentally injured the pedal steel player by swinging his guitar around and hitting him in the head. He was bleeding like a stuck pig. Ween Sep 12, 2019
 Kirkasthemeld I worked for S.U.A. at this show. I had to stay at one balcony entrance as security, but got to see much of the show. It was pretty good, but I wasn't a huge fan of her music. Tori Amos Sep 12, 2019
 Kirkasthemeld Saw ol' RL at the KC Blues and Jazz fest. He was great, but had to play seated as he was old and frail. He autographed my ticket (which I have since lost) after the show and I was amazed to learn that he was nearly entirely blind. R.L. Burnside Sep 12, 2019
 Kirkasthemeld Went to this one with my girlfriend at the time. The band came out on stage in a giant lemon-shaped disco ball. It was pompous and ridiculous. What a bunch of "rock stars". U2 Sep 12, 2019
 Kirkasthemeld This was neat, but a bit of a disappointment. The band had a handful of volunteers come on stage with boomboxes and conducted them through a cassette-driven orchestral version of some songs. A cool idea, based on their parking garage orchestra idea, but it didn't translate too well. The Flaming Lips Boombox Experiment Sep 12, 2019
 Kirkasthemeld I don't remember this show too well, but it was the first time that I saw the band live. I remember being impressed by their musicality. of Montreal Sep 12, 2019
 Kirkasthemeld The highlight of this show for me, was when the band brought some of their instruments off stage with them and paraded around the Bottleneck while continuing to play, I was like watching an odd ball marching band on acid. The Olivia Tremor Control Sep 12, 2019
 Kirkasthemeld This was an amazing and memorable show. I was a huge fan at the time and they certainly didn't disappoint. The band members changed up instruments throughout and had a ton of different instruments on stage. Truly a moving and psychedelic experience. The Olivia Tremor Control Sep 12, 2019
 Kirkasthemeld Got soaked by a downpour of rain, which was about the highlight. Phish Sep 12, 2019
 Kirkasthemeld One of the two times that I saw Tom Petty. He was great and I went with my sister, which was really fun. Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers Sep 12, 2019
 Kirkasthemeld This was a great show. The bass player for Queens of the Stone Age came out buck naked. Ween was on it and I was on "it" too. The highlight/lowlight was the 20 minute long version of "Awesome Sound" that was as much annoying as it was hilarious. Ween / Queens of the Stone Age Sep 12, 2019
 Kirkasthemeld This was a fun show. I was way at the back, so I couldn't see the band too well, but it was cool to see them nonetheless. Men At Work Sep 12, 2019
 Kirkasthemeld This was a fun show, but I don't remember it too well. Apparently I was nearly as drunk as the band was, which was very. Violent Femmes Sep 12, 2019
 Kirkasthemeld This was a really fun show. Beulah was cool and Wilco was great. I remember confetti magically raining down from the ceiling somehow. I may have been a bit under the influence as well. Wilco / Beaulah Sep 12, 2019
 Kirkasthemeld This was a really fun show. GBV were epic and drank more on stage than any band I have ever seen. Robert Pollard was flirting with women in the crowd, as he was three sheets to the wind. Guided By Voices Sep 12, 2019
 Kirkasthemeld Bab Log III was also cool. He had a space helmet on with a telephone hooked up to it that he sang through. Man or Astroman? / Bob Log III Sep 12, 2019
 Kirkasthemeld This was the EEVIAC tour and it was great. The band had a giant, old school computer on stage complete with lights and tape reels. It was otherworldly and highly entertaining. Man or Astroman? / Bob Log III Sep 12, 2019
 Kirkasthemeld This was an alright show, but if IRC, Beck was sick and didn't put on his usual energetic show. Still fun. Beck Sep 12, 2019