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 Jfjton Yes- she sawed a guitar in half during the show...! University of Florida Halloween Ball Oct 15, 2020
 Jfjton Great show, but by his comments on stage I don’t think he liked the venue. Too bad- it was fun! Guy Clark Oct 15, 2020
 Heidi G13 I went to this show and got autographs from Ginger Fish and Daisy of Marilyn Manson, on the old Levi’s I was wearing and also on two separate ticket stubs. I still have all of these items, but when I was looking at the ticket stubs I’m confused because one of them is red and has the correct date (with Daisy’s autograph), and the other is blue and has the incorrect date (says 4.24.95, with Ginger’s autograph). Additionally, the blue misdated stub has a McDonald’s coupon on the back with expiration date of Dec. 1993, which makes no sense. I can’t recall how I even wound up with this second stub in my pocket, but I have no question as to the authenticity of the signatures themselves or the red ticket I bought; I remember getting these things signed. Since there wasn’t even a show on 4/24/95, I assume I must have found a counterfeit stub on the ground at the show when I was scrambling to find something for Ginger to sign? I definitely remember him signing my jeans. I would love to know what is the value of/explanation for the oddly dated ticket stub. Thank you to anyone who can help! Korn / Marilyn Manson / Glenn Danzig / Danzig Oct 15, 2020
 Magicsun Terrible stream. One hour technical difficulties to get in, one hour show with staggering video and sound. Not worth the money at all. Wild Hearts release Oct 15, 2020
 Kelly Lewis Eisaman Awesome concert! It was free for Staff and Students at the Naval Training Center Orlando, FL. GOOD TIMES! Joan Jett & The Blackhearts Oct 15, 2020
 Jfjton Went with my Uncle Kevin Fallon & Dave Torpey. On the flight back to Florida I sat with the keyboardist Dan Hubbell & John (Canter?) from Molly Hatchett Live Aid Oct 14, 2020
 Jfjton David had a plate of food & accepted our offer to sit down and eat with my wife and I. The was very personable & the show was fantastic! David Wilcox Oct 14, 2020
 Jfjton I made it to the front & center before the show. The crowd got very intense, & I ren=meber someone near me got stabbed (not to death!) It was the closest I ever came to being crushed at a show. Rush Oct 14, 2020
 Elizabeth Anne Chapdelaine Reba I hope to meet you again one day you gave me one of my favorite memories when you shouted out to me and I sang I’m gonna take that mountain at the top of my lungs when I was 9 years old I remember it like it was yesterday thank you seeing my family light up when you called out my name is part of that memory that I love so much the joy that you brought us that day has been a memory that I have cherished threw out my life so thank you Reba macentire Oct 13, 2020
 Teddi Anne Was so excited to see this Bucket List artist on my 47th birthday (on the 2nd Row)! Went with Stan, his folks, and Hinman's. John Hiatt Oct 13, 2020
 Dennis Towle Jr. 2nd concert added the next day because of quick sellout Def Leppard Oct 13, 2020
 Teddi Anne Jerome and I had plan to go to this show and it just so happened to be the day that Riley graduated with her Masters from UNT. Dwight Yoakam Oct 12, 2020
 Kpmd The venue, Rocky Point Park, is not located in Providence, Rhode Island, but Warwick, Rhode Island (12 miles south of Providence). REO Speedwagon / AC/DC / Blue Öyster Cult / Thin Lizzy Oct 12, 2020
 Kpmd They played two shows that day. One in the afternoon and one in the evening. Joan Jett & The Blackhearts Oct 12, 2020
 Matt Hopman I remember at the very end of the concert when the band took a final bow Dave just walked off the stage with no acknowledgement and Eddie just looks at him and shrugs his shoulders. So it was Alex, Wolf and Eddie that stayed for the bow and to thank the fans... It was awkward. Van Halen / Ky-Mani Marley Oct 12, 2020
 Kirby Also Angus mooned the crowd 🌚🙈 For those about to rock Oct 12, 2020
 Flapjacks29 Lionart60 thank you for verifying that Boston played I think they were the Second to last band to perform? Day of Rock and Roll Oct 12, 2020
 Pedrochu feels so good to experience live music once again even though we were all seated with fucking masks on Korto Oct 11, 2020
 Kirby Was there to J B and it was an awesome show and i am so thankful that a friend of mine had a date that canceled on him at the last minute and offered me the ticket and i said hell yes let's roll. Ronnie with bare feet and all singing his ass off and Allen, Gary and of course the new guy Steve Gaines kicked ass , I'm so grateful to have seen the original band before the devastating crash. Was looking forward to the New years gig that was listed on the album sleeve street survivors to be in Fort Worth. I still made the 77 New years date but it was filled by ZZ Top and it was a bitter sweet concert and fans went crazy with the lights were still on they played the song simple man over the auditorium speakers, i damn near cried 😭 One More for the Road Oct 11, 2020
 Kirby I was there for the whole concert, Bob Seger was at the top of his game and played awesome playing Turn the page and hits off his newest album at the time Night Moves. I can't believe i was able to see him in such a small auditorium on the 13th row from center stage. What memories Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band Oct 11, 2020