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 Philadelphia Sal MY BIRTHDAY PRESENT Dinner before with my beautiful wife Dee An Evening with Joe Bonamassa Apr 04, 2019
 Daisy Head Booked by Matthew Moyer Pedestrian Deposit / Ootheca / Formaldehydra Apr 04, 2019
 James Taylor This is a guy who is also a must see. He's a solo guitarist with a bass player & drummer that look like they should be working in an insurance office but can really compliment Eric"s playing. Eric Johnson Apr 04, 2019
 James Taylor I cannot believe I had never heard of this band before! This was one of the best shows I have ever seen! And they have nearly 20 albums out? I thought I had seen or at least heard every rock band in the last 50 yrs.but some how these guys slipped through the cracks.They really entertain you & I was impressed that Des Moines Ia.has so many fans of this band,singing along with every song & packing this venue (this is a great place to see a band by the way). Clutch Apr 04, 2019
 James Taylor Here is another band that should not be missed.They are 3 brothers who can rock out or do some power ballads.At this show they brought out a 4th brother who was about 12 yrs old & is learning to play lead guitar & is already pretty good.Then when they were done with their last song they brought on the dad of these musicians & it was a touching & wonderful climax to an excellent show. Los Lonely Boys Apr 04, 2019
 James Taylor These guys are a must see band if you like power trios.They know how to rock! The Record Company Apr 04, 2019
 Philadelphia Sal Awesome concert, he was still well for this concert Levon Helm Apr 04, 2019
 Philadelphia Sal Went with David McCollum, I've known him for 25 years. Never saw Kansas live and we enjoyed it. R.I.P David Patriots Theater Presents Kansas Apr 03, 2019
 Philadelphia Sal The voice is the same after 40+ years. Abraham Martin and John brought the audience to tears. I have my tickets, it was $89.50 each for good seats Dion Apr 03, 2019
 Jay O. Tea ;-) Not sure I am the first, but if so it's not this one then - I already did it quite a few times before. Young Widows / Support: Heads. Apr 03, 2019
 Justin Thiele @Bobbybto & @Sal Chicho, It seems like you worked this out but if you have any questions about data guidelines you can email me at [email protected] I'll be releasing Community Guidelines soon that will set data standards and clear up most ambiguity. Cheers, Justin Concert Archives Television / Brendan Canning Apr 03, 2019
 Justin Thiele @Jay you might be the first one to upload an animated concert gif :) Young Widows / Support: Heads. Apr 03, 2019
 Brandonisaname Does anyone have any photos from this concert? I have been searching for years. Pop Disaster Tour Apr 03, 2019
 Bobbybto BTW Sal, I've been adjusting all of my entries to be more in line with what we discussed and this mistake was made because when you deleted the previous title (which is fine) it then appeared as if Brendan was the headliner, so I tried to move the names around to be more accurate, deleted the name by accident and reentered it incorrectly afterwards. I'll try to be more careful. But I want accuracy as much as you do, and we're on the same team here, so even though I get that you're frustrated, I'd appreciate if you weren't so rude about it. Television / Brendan Canning Apr 02, 2019
 Bobbybto Sorry my bad, the last edit was a mistake. I deleted the name by accident and then reentered it incorrectly Television / Brendan Canning Apr 02, 2019
 Sal Chicho Bobby, why do you insist on making edits that factually incorrect? A simple Google search will show you that the artist who opened the show is not named Brandon. Stop it. Television / Brendan Canning Apr 02, 2019
 Craig Mac Review of show: Better Oblivion Community Center / Phoebe Bridgers / Conor Oberst / Lala Lala / Christian Lee Hutson Apr 01, 2019
 Ed Stevenette67 I have to find the exact date. The late 80's and 90's were a blur. Also we came in late. Two other bands also played. I'll get all the info. We were pretty trashed. Thank God my buddy Ron drove us home. Monsters of Rock Apr 01, 2019
 J Mort68 >>>That concert was plagued by a sudden severe rain storm with winds that blew down the tarp over the stage. With lightening present some artists didn't go on stage. Reba did perform with acoustic background, no electric equipment...what a trooper! Reba McEntire Apr 01, 2019
 Acey68 Set Type Elective Set List Set One: Jack Straw > Touch Of Grey ; Greatest Story Ever Told ; Brown Eyed Women ; Black Throated Wnd ; It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry ; Box Of Rain ; Loose Lucy (74' style) ; Playng In The Band > Bird Song Set Two: New Speedway Boogie > Gimme Some Lovin' > Corinna > Shakedown Street > Uncle John's Band > *drums > space > The Wheel > Playing In The Band (reprise) > If I Had The World To Give > Good Lovn' Encore: Easy Wind > Mystery Train Show Notes *Tampa Taiko Japanese style drummers (Ron Collins director) joined for "drums". Dark Star Orchestra Apr 01, 2019