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 Berrot I'll have to add more bands later, it was 100+ concerts that day, only did see a few though... Musikkfest Stavanger 2019 Oct 09, 2019
 Tomsteck59 Remember Dennis Rodman coming on stage and singing during “Live” set near end of show. Sunfest Oct 09, 2019
 Semperfiman Last show before I went into the Marines 12 days later Grand Funk Railroad / Humble Pie Oct 09, 2019
 Martinime30 This is awesome! Growing up in the 90’s in Detroit it was required to love this album. 😂 Sponge's 25th Anniversary of "Rotting Piñata" Oct 08, 2019
 Milocampo Meat Puppets Oct 08, 2019
 Chris Rodg Loads of vid for this shindig by Shayne (3 Cameras and a microphone), click on the profile and look for Jerry Perry Benefit in the title Benefit Rock Show For Jerry Perry Oct 07, 2019
 Kristen Maxwell I remember Primus played Bob, and they had a projection of swinging light bulbs that was haunting. I think they also played "Mr. Krinkle" because I remember Les switching to an upright bass with a bow. Lollapalooza 1993 Oct 06, 2019
 Alexis.Dayfoot Of the three shows I went to, Portland had the best energy after Seattle. If this trip did anything for me, it made me love all three artists even more and I can't say how much their kindness was appreciated. Allday gave me a shout out at both Seattle and Portland on stage (who does that tf???) for coming. The crowd for Portland was the most hyped, and most invested. Also appreciated that the show was early. Can't express my love for this show any more. Mallrat / Allday Oct 06, 2019
 Aquint Lauren Pinegrove / Boyscott Oct 06, 2019
 Aquint James Pinegrove / Boyscott / Derek Ted Oct 06, 2019
 Michael Katz great show to break in the still being built events arena ... intimate crowd ... just before leaving an oldie bar down the street played blueberry hill & told a friend that Jerry should play the "B" side of the 45 ... What A Wonderful World ... unbelievably ... this show's encore was the unvailing of this song ... i couldn't wait for all 5 JGB shows & 5 Garcia - Grisman shows at the Warfield with 2 bob dylan shows in between that were just around the corner ... was a great trip to San Fran that 4 icing on the cake ended with 3 Grateful Dead show at Cal Expo, 3 at Shoreline & another 3 in vegas. Great memories from this show & the rest of "visit" Jerry Garcia Band / The Affordables Oct 05, 2019
 Kwyjibo2112 Someone who was there recorded this show. It is part 3 of The Rochester Trilogy. Thank you for recording and making it public. Counterparts Tour Oct 05, 2019
 Kwyjibo2112 That setlist has a few small errors, this one is correct. 96.5 WCMF- THE local rock radio station was celebrating their 33rd birthday and had a special price on a pair of tickets, I think it was 2 for $33. The ticket says $18.00. Great show! Love the acoustic Resist after Neil's drum solo. Intro - (Three Blind Mice - The Three Stooges Theme) Set 1: Tom Sawyer Distant Early Warning New World Man Roll the Bones Earthshine YYZ The Pass Bravado The Big Money The Trees Freewill Natural Science Set 2: One Little Victory Driven Ghost Rider Secret Touch Dreamline Red Sector A Leave That Thing Alone Drum Solo - (O Baterista) Resist - (acoustic) 2112 Part I: Overture 2112 Part II: The Temples of Syrinx Limelight La Villa Strangiato The Spirit of Radio Encore: By-Tor & The Snow Dog Cygnus X-1 - (Prologue) Working Man Vapor Trails Tour Oct 05, 2019
 Kwyjibo2112 I got 2 free lawn seat tickets from Dave Kane, the main DJ at 96.5 WCMF in Rochester NY. As both of us are HUGE Stevie Ray Vaughan fans, I gave him a copy of the only known recording of Stevie's last show in Alpine Valley WI, on August 26, 1990. He died in a helicopter crash a short time after the show had ended, early on August 27, 1990. Dave offered a couple of tickets to a few upcoming shows and I grabbed 2 tickets for The Dead. I didn't care for Joan Osbourne's singing, but the band was awesome! Robert Hunter played great and was not impressed with Bob Dylan, especially when they told all of the tapers to turn off their equipment for his set. He has written some wicked awesome songs, but I can not stand to hear him sing. I only wish that Jerry was still alive so I could have seen the Grateful Dead, but still, it was a great experience overall. THE DEAD 2003 Tour Oct 05, 2019
 Tomsteck59 At 9:00 pm Zambelli Internationale Fireworks display choreographed to music on WRMF 97.9 FM. Afterwards Roy Rogers and The Delta Rhythm Kings continued their performance on the Michelob Stage. Sunfest 1991 Oct 05, 2019
 Kbastien LMTF didn't make it Like Moths to Flames / Afterlife / Polaris / Glaive Oct 05, 2019
 Kbastien After the Burial dropped Asking Alexandria / Born of Osiris / I See Stars / After the Burial / Upon A Burning Body / Bad Omens Oct 05, 2019
 Kwyjibo2112 I've been a huge fan since the late 70's when my older brother brought home Welcome To My Nightmare. This was my first time seeing Alice Cooper and we had front row center, the BEST seats in the joint. Wednesday 13 turned out to be amazing! I really really regret not recording them. RAMBO was the best! I did hang my mics over the balcony to capture a great sounding live recording. One of my best. After the show, I grabbed my 1978 Marvel Premiere #50 so Alice could sign it. I stood behind the Aud in the freezing rain by his bus, but when he finally came out, he bee-lined it onto the bus. D'oh!! But, his daughter, Calico, came out soon after him and saw me and came over to talk to me. I asked if she could take it in and get it signed but she said that he wouldn't like it if she did. Ok. She hung out with me for about 15 minutes in the rain, just talking. She is cool! I asked for her autograph, and I got it. Should have asked for a photo, too. She then got on the bus and they left. A great night. The Dirty Diamonds Tour Oct 04, 2019
 Kwyjibo2112 The drummer at this time for Bad Co. was Simon Kirke and it was his birthday. It also happen to be my then girlfriend's birthday as well. About the middle of the show, they got the whole crowd to sing Happy Birthday to him and I told her that I arranged this for her. She knew I was joking. For me, seeing Tommy Shaw was the highlight of the show, as I was and am a huge Styx fan. Holy Water Tour Oct 04, 2019
 Scooterpam It started pouring down rain halfway through Squeeze set. Luckily my sister and I were able to sneak down front under the rooftop & get right up front. We even got Squeeze set list! I’ve seen X many times, but Squeeze only twice. It was an epic show! X / Squeeze Oct 04, 2019