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 Hendrik First appearance at Frankfurt Concert was sold out Against the Current Nov 30, 2022
 Foothands Supie T introduced himself as "the artist formerly known as Supie T". As a teenager, I did not expect this older gentleman to be a wild man- was AMAZED by him! David said he didn't like encores because it involves pretending that they leave and coming back, so told the crowd they'd stay and play longer. David modified his clarinet by attaching a clear plastic cup to the end of it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Pere Ubu / Supie T & The Getdown Airwaves / The Downside Special Nov 30, 2022
 Brian Heinz HALO!!! Electric Happy Hour Nov 29, 2022
 April M First concert even and it was with Janica! Allen Stone / JMSN Nov 29, 2022
 Peter Martell Golden Earing is not listed Scheessel Rock Festival 1973 Nov 29, 2022
 Dave Gawthrope Although the ticket says the Memorial Hall, this was actually in the big room (Irwin Mitchell Hall). Jim Jones is correct, Peter Green had to fly to Germany (I think) so he opened. Appropriate as it turned out, Frank played a storming set. Steel City Blues Weekend Nov 28, 2022
 Joyce Coggins Great Show!!! I love Enuff Znuff the most. I really cannot remember exact dates and it could be 93. Vanilla Ice played a few years later at the same venue. Loved that place, it ROCKED!!! The Nelsons / Enuff Znuff Nov 28, 2022
 Photocrazy The last concert Def Leppard played with Steve Clark before his untimely death. Hysteria Def Leppard Nov 28, 2022
 Bburg Daddyo Up high in the balcony! Frank Zappa Nov 27, 2022
 Big Bad Bubba my first concert. there used to be a live video of godzilla from it on youtube...all strobe lights during the solo !! Blue Oyster Cult / Ian Hunter Band Nov 27, 2022
 Milocampo Meat Puppets / Crying For Kafka / Deadhand Nov 27, 2022
 Kristen Hanlin Wow, band canceled day of show … 😟 Kings X Nov 27, 2022
 Mellisa Cuthbert Who opened for Triumph in 1983 I believe in Fresno CA. Selland Arena. I hope I have the right group. The opening band had one hit I believe so when they came out a disco ball the guitarist had pink or purple black poke dots. Everyone was silent we were all thinking wtf to a disco ball lol. There song on the radio was rock. Lol Triumph was awesome good we were there for them not opening act. I do like that song but not recalling name can't find it to add to a playlist.. Thank You, Missy Triumph Nov 27, 2022
 Rojah T's first show Grateful Dead Nov 27, 2022
 Carolyn Pleasance I have a ticket stub for this gig but I can’t upload it? Backstreet Boys Nov 27, 2022
 Dan M. The Cleveland show was on January 14, 1967. The opening act was the Candy Store Prophets. so, possibly the Apollas performed. The Monkees Nov 26, 2022
 Gwenmarieful1 My mother and her boyfriend took me for my 5th birthday. Yes Nov 26, 2022
 Faye D BTW, the set list they have posted is wrong. They opened with Electric Eye. Judas Priest / Queensrÿche Nov 26, 2022
 Jeremy Heath Wu-Tang was supposed to play, but had to quit the tour. Rage Against The Machine Nov 25, 2022
 Jeri Garcia I went to the show with several friends. We walked in and saw them from behind the stage. I think they had maybe 100 people there. The group was great, they sang accapella. I love their music. Oh we did not pay, we just walked in. I’m sorry we missed the other bands. I saw lots of live shows from 1967 on. Three dog night Nov 25, 2022