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 Matt Suda VIP MEET - I met the artist before the show Chelsea Cutler / Anthony Russo Aug 02, 2019
 Matt Suda I had to leave early and only saw the opener :( ILLENIUM Aug 02, 2019
 Matt Suda I fainted near the end (not enough water) Ellie Goulding Aug 02, 2019
 Mistress1169 Great concert Shinedown/ Badflower Aug 02, 2019
 Alonewithcats w/ Melanie Newport Folk Festival Aug 01, 2019
 Alonewithcats w/ Mom Josh Groban Aug 01, 2019
 Kris L And Jimmie's Chicken Shack as the opener. Live / Luscious Jackson Aug 01, 2019
 Kris L Incorrect. The Verve did not play Red Rocks on this day, it was moved to the Mammoth Events Center, which is now The Fillmore. Only after showing up at Red Rocks did we discover the venue change. The Verve Aug 01, 2019
 Kylebarron RIP Keith Flint The Prodigy Aug 01, 2019
 John Pusateri I attended Sunday, 21st 2003 Boston Folk Festival Aug 01, 2019
 Moecigars My first Phish show Phish Jul 31, 2019
 Mr Numb What tremendous harmonies. Darlingside Jul 31, 2019
 John Pusateri Billy Ruane Irma Thomas Jul 31, 2019
 John Pusateri I saw Emmy on the 2nd night, 19th. I was the only time at a show that I attended since 1977 that she didn't perform "Pancho & Lefty". She did though on the other two nights. Red Dirt Girl Jul 31, 2019
 Greg Burns Red With Linds. JB dedicated "Rationalist" to me and Linds. August Burns Red / Silverstein / Silent Planet Jul 30, 2019
 Marni & Gary Great review with photos: Jeff Lynne's ELO / Dhani Harrison Jul 30, 2019
 Stephenjgrant With Phil' O'Donnell (RIP) The 23rd Cambridge Folk Festival Jul 30, 2019
 Stephenjgrant With Phil O'Donnell (RIP) & John Ewington. 24th Cambridge Folk Festival Jul 30, 2019
 Jtfenske The world's loudest rock band. I sat on the 3rd row and couldn't hear for almost 3 days. Survival Jul 30, 2019
 Jtfenske Great Show! Great venue! Kacey Musgraves Jul 30, 2019