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 Acey68 Set 1: Cassidy Easy to Slip (Little Feat cover) Only a River The Winners (Weir & Wasserman cover) Loser (Jerry Garcia cover) Me and My Uncle (John Phillips cover) Maggie's Farm (Bob Dylan cover) Bird Song (Jerry Garcia cover) Set 2: Iko Iko (The Dixie Cups cover) Shakedown Street (Grateful Dead song) (tour debut) Two Djinn (Ratdog song) Eternity (Grateful Dead song) Passenger (Grateful Dead song) Truckin' (Grateful Dead song) Fever (Eddie Cooley cover) Morning Dew (Bonnie Dobson cover) Encore: Ripple (Grateful Dead song) Bob Weir Apr 01, 2019
 Itmemon11 Robert Dotty Becky Tammy was there Motley Crue Mar 31, 2019
 Gimp1124 Dweezil Mustaine satriani Eric Johnson Johnny Lang Doug pinnick Experience Hendrix Mar 31, 2019
 Knightofconcert Crown of Thorns played for the first time with Eddie. Magical night Pearl Jam / Supergrass Mar 31, 2019
 Knightofconcert I was there. They played 3 other nights as well. Why no mention of those? The White Stripes / Autolux Mar 31, 2019
 Slayer420 Desperately looking for a ticket stub from this event. Huge romantic plan in the works if anyone has one. Thanks Deftones Mar 30, 2019
 B22ri22an Not my ticket, found on web.... I was at that show though Descendents Mar 30, 2019
 Nicole w/ Joanne VIP Living Proof Tour Mar 29, 2019
 Nicole w/ Joanne Living Proof Tour Mar 29, 2019
 Nicole w/ Joanne Past Lives World Tour Mar 29, 2019
 Nicole w/ Joanne Midnight World Tour Mar 29, 2019
 Tom Giannetti Outside of the two times I saw King Crimson (at Penn State Univ. 1974 & Allentown, PA 2017) Possibly the greatest concert I've ever seen! Oh, and Richard Thompson in State College ,PA has to be added to my list. David Bowie and the Spiders From Mars / Flo and Eddie / Sylvester & Hot Band Mar 27, 2019
 Hen1 Man you have a better memory than me.We walked to concert. We lived at some apts in Irving that was walking distance. Great to meet someone who went though Allman Brothers Band / Marshall Tucker Band /Joe Walsh & Barnstorm Mar 25, 2019
 Jtis30 With my sister. These guys rock.... hillbiily rock! the Gourds Mar 25, 2019
 Jtis30 Ziggy So cool. B52's electric. Some cute short girl on my shoulders. B-52's Mar 25, 2019
 Jtis30 With Van and theresa. My 1st rock concert Ratt / Twisted Sister / Mamas Boys Mar 25, 2019
 Sal Chicho Bobby, in no way is this about “winning”. And obviously, we both have strong feelings about this. A list of shows that are falsely titled and dated (when there is already a separate field for that) isn’t particularly interesting to me either. If you uncheck the title field box (bottom of entry page) on your entries you won’t have to see bands listed twice. You’ve summed it all up very nicely, though. See you at the *good* concerts. Ride / Tess Parks and The Auras Mar 24, 2019
 Bobbybto That's fine Sal, thanks for engaging in this discussion. I'll just leave it alone; you obviously have very strong feelings about this, so have fun. I've enjoyed scrolling through my concert lists and clearly seeing what tour is being represented without having to check through notes and whatnot, and I've also enjoyed looking through the lists of others who been entering their concert info the same way. A list of just a bunch of band names (entered twice because there's already a separate field for that) isn't particularly interesting to me, but whatever, it's fine. The point is, we're both passionate about the live experience, and this site has been an awesome way to go back and reflect on these memories, and I've never had any desire to debate about stupid things like the official name of a concert. So, with that, you win sir! Feel free to change all of my concert titles if you want. Just kidding, don't hit me...peace bro! Ride / Tess Parks and The Auras Mar 24, 2019
 Sal Chicho Again, you have reinterpreted “official” and “name of the tour” for your own agenda. Justin provided you with examples and clearly said that the title field should contain “the official name of the concert or the name of the tour”. This in no way indicates that the album being toured is the title of the tour. If the concert/tour does not have an official name, it is not by default titled to coincide with the band’s latest release, which is exactly what you are doing. You have now set your own criteria, provided zero reference to prove that either of these tours had official names, and yet my physical copy of a ticket (showing that it does not) is somehow explained as an unacceptable reference. Also,’s data is user-generated, and can be named anything by anyone without any validation, and using this to support your argument has zero credibility. Ride / Tess Parks and The Auras Mar 24, 2019
 Bobbybto Sal, I emailed Justin and this was his response, "The short-ish answer is that the 'Concert Title' field should contain the official name of the concert or festival (for example "Sasquatch Music Festival 2006") or the name of the tour (for example "Mare Vitalis 15 Year Anniversary Tour")." That indicates that, for now, the tour is the title. Using what is written on the ticket is not a good reference, especially since so many shows use multiple sources to print their tickets, where you'll often see variations. Other shows don't even offer hard copy tickets anymore. The fact is, by this criteria, the name of the tour can be the title. Even this specific show is titled "Reunion Tour" on Anyway, more guidelines are going to be provided soon enough. Ride / Tess Parks and The Auras Mar 24, 2019