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 Morey Garelick The Roches sang Hallelujah Chorus and Face Down at Folk City. Folk City's 25th Anniversary Concert Nov 11, 2020
 Jackson Wyatt I was 20 and high, Doobie Bros did a great set, Poco came out and got pissed off because every one was playing with beach balls instead of giving total attention to them so they walked off the stage. I'm guessing the promoter told them to get back out there - Big Mistake, Beach balls, beer bottles and boos cascaded to the stage, .and off they took again. Over an hour later Boston came out and saved the day with a great rock performance, Well worth taking a chance in a sketchy section of Miami. Boston / Doobie Brothers / Poco / Pat Travers Nov 11, 2020
 Mw5fives Anvil was the opening act Motörhead Nov 11, 2020
 Mw5fives Motorhead was not at this gig, was just Ozzy and Queen City Kids Ozzy Osbourne / Queen City Kids Nov 11, 2020
 Amy Hauldren Quadrophenia & More. Went with Kendall, drove to LA from SB The Who / Vintage Trouble Nov 10, 2020
 Milocampo Meat Puppets / Cracker Nov 10, 2020
 Milocampo Meat Puppets / Cracker Nov 10, 2020
 Peace&Harmony We originally bought tickets to see Aerosmith’s DEUCES ARE WILD concert in Vegas on September 26, 2019, for our 27th wedding anniversary. The day of the concert, we learned that Steven Tyler lost his voice and the concert was cancelled. As a consolation, the hotel gave us a $100 gift card to any restaurant in the hotel. We quickly got online and purchased tickets through StubHub for the following Saturday, September 28th. We were staying at the Park MGM (where the concert was being held) and although we were supposed to check out that morning, we asked for a late checkout to 6:pm so that we had time to change clothes and freshen up before Saturday’s concert. That morning, I got up early and went down to the business office and printed off our tickets. We ate lunch, did a little gambling, packed, checked out of the hotel and went downstairs and got into line for the concert at about 7:15 and as we were entering the stadium, my son and daughter were in one line and we were beside them in another, the ushers were unable to scan our tickets. After trying all four tickets repeatedly, we were informed that our tickets were invalid and were told to go to the box office. The representative at the box office also confirmed that our tickets were invalid and in fact, pointed out that they were actually tickets from Thursday’s concert that someone had poorly edited and then passed off online for Saturday’s concert. In a nutshell, we had been scammed. The box office advised us to call StubHub and see what they could do for us. Upon learning that it was a completely sold out concert, StubHub informed us that the only thing they could do was refund our purchase. We reluctantly agreed and while my daughter was on the phone providing them with the required information, I was standing in the middle of the casino feeling pretty bummed, so I decided to walk over to the theatre entrance just in case anyone was selling tickets that they couldn’t use (even though I wasn’t real sure how I was going to pay for them). By this time, nearly everyone had made their way inside so I walked up to an usher and told him our story and about the incredibly bad luck my family and I had been having trying to see Aerosmith. With nothing left to lose and since we had legitimate tickets for the canceled concert on the 26th, I decided to ask if sometime after the concert started and it was less chaotic, if someone would be able to escort us into the lobby for 5 minutes to get a glimpse of Aerosmith’s restored van on display and maybe take a few pictures with it before we left Vegas. The usher, who was visibly saddened by my plight, said he was truly sorry for all that happened but, unfortunately, wasn’t authorized to give permission for that. He apologized but said that he would do his best to talk to someone higher up to see if he could get permission. I told him that I understood and would walk around the casino and check back with him later… just in case. Then my son and I walked maybe 15 feet away and sat down at a blackjack table. My son was consoling me and reiterating the fact that, for whatever reason, we weren’t supposed to be at that show. After about 10 minutes, a man in a suit approached me and said, I understand that you were scammed on the tickets that you had to tonight’s show. I said yes and told him that we had also purchased tickets to the Thursday night cancelled show. He asked to see my tickets and I pulled them all out of my pocket and gave them to him. He then asked if the rest of our party was nearby. We said yes and he said, “get them over here, there might be something I can do”. We immediately called my husband and daughter who were still standing down by the box office and when they walked up to the Park Theater entrance, the man asked us all to wait there. About two minutes later he came back and handed us each a neck lanyard with a VIP pass attached to it. He also gave me four physical tickets showing section 202, BVP. He told us to follow him and we walked into the stadium and along a hallway that took us closer and closer to the stage. When we got down to the front about 10 feet from the stage, he led us up a few stairs to a private section of couches and directed us to our seats. We were seated in an area approximately 8 ft x 10 ft and it had a couch, coffee table and waiter. The man told us to enjoy the show and left. Just then we looked up at the screen and there was an Aerosmith video playing and in the corner it said “Show starts in 22 minutes” (a sign from above)! It was the most incredible experience and will always be my favorite concert memory… Dream until your dreams come true! Aerosmith Nov 10, 2020
 Eaglefixer17 Eaellington1 I was at the 10/7/88 Def Leppard show at The Omni and my brother was at the 10/9/88 show. I live in middle Ga. If you would please email at [email protected] I have a few questions, namely if you would be interested in possibly selling your ticket stub from that show. Thank you sir. Def Leppard / Queensryche Nov 07, 2020
 Kevin Kennedy This was my 1st concert & I was only 10 years old! I got my ticket for free & got motor boated by a big breasted woman when she got her free ticket as well! None of my friends believed I was there but I got a shirt because I got a free ticket! A couple of long hair dreads gave me a shoulder ride in the crowd to find my older brother and I brought the party with me! That's my 1st concert! I'm about to be 44 years old now here in 2020! Run DMC / Beastie Boys Nov 06, 2020
 João Krüger O ano está errado. Foi em 1990. As Quatro Estações Nov 06, 2020
 Sacramento Shows Yeah that’s not really a way to differentiate between different bands with the same name. Ramones / Tales of Terror / Pariah Nov 05, 2020
 Mad Man Arcade that's the wrong "Pariah". Does this site auto-populate those Setlists? Ramones / Tales of Terror / Pariah Nov 05, 2020
 Jayworld This was a show that was never originally a part of their tour circuit that year, but it ended up being a makeup show for the infamous Golden Gate Park incident. That's the show where Pearl Jam came out and played 7 songs but Eddie left the stage due to food poisoning. Pearl Jam / Ben Harper Nov 05, 2020
 Jim Delp I have the actual set list from the sound board for this show. I was trying to remember who opened for them. I think it was a local band called Zulu Time but it’s been a long time. Whoever they were, they rocked too. Pixies Nov 04, 2020
 Don B This concert was in Evansville, IN The Beach Boys / The Moody Blues Nov 01, 2020
 Maui Blue You're missing one. March 25, 1983. Wendler Arena. Saginaw, MI REO Speedwagon Nov 01, 2020
 Milocampo Jerry Garcia Band Oct 31, 2020
 [email protected] The Wallflowers appeared with Petty. Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers Oct 31, 2020
 Abnormal Listening Habits Cedric Bixler-Zavala Ikey Owens Detoni Parks all Mars Volta Alumni was his group. Omar Rodriguez Lopez Group Oct 31, 2020