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C7f2046808fc1b02e4249d33e6fa62e7  Aquint Marc, Norman Car Seat Headrest with Naked Giants and Don Babylon at Brooklyn Steel (September 14, 2018) Sep 21, 2018
D8742ddc188f4ca8026917dc18518fba  Riversol Saw these two at the Trocadero in Philadelphia...unlisted here Faith No More with Circus of Power at Majestic Ventura Theater (June 9, 1990) Sep 19, 2018
Sm_avatar_swampything  Houston Hh #CANCELLED Davido at The Ballroom at Warehouse Live (September 13, 2018) Sep 19, 2018
Sm_avatar_9af8c4e0-7f2b-4993-8176-03bac6490645  Jan The Lazyman A super night Us and Them Tour Sep 19, 2018
Sm_avatar_9af8c4e0-7f2b-4993-8176-03bac6490645  Jan The Lazyman This Americana festival is A keeper for Amsterdam Once in A Blue Moon Festival Sep 19, 2018
Sm_avatar_img_4426  Micky Sean Bailey Gigalo Blues White Reaper / Billy Idol Sep 19, 2018
9b9c0b578e67a125d2dde2d0f41876f5  Dougie Currie Signed Paul McCartney Hoffman bass from this charity show Let Us In Women & Cancer Fund Sep 18, 2018
46f31de597399ab274ca06f438f00599  Xsillyx This show was live streamed. Dave Matthews Band / Moon Taxi Sep 14, 2018
A00f16f26f2d9b3dc616f2d919b70143  Bradb4ku Eddie was amazing. I'd seen Van Halen 3 times since the 1984 tour and Eddie is playing better than he ever has. David Lee Roth was still an awesome performer but his vocals aren't as strong. Wolfgang did a good job on the bass and Alex was great. Van Halen; Kenny Wayne Sheperd Band Sep 11, 2018
Sm_avatar_swampything  Houston Hh #SOLDOUT Alina Baraz with Iamnobodi at The Studio at Warehouse Live (March 10, 2017) Sep 10, 2018
Sm_avatar_swampything  Houston Hh #SOLDOUT Alina Baraz with Cautious Clay at The Ballroom at Warehouse Live (September 6, 2018) Sep 10, 2018
9948debf87016a6dfd6fc6ce1c28e4cc  Randysgirl Totally Amazing Show. Girlfriend & I had meet & greet tickets. Tanya also signed my coat I have of hers from her 88/89 Tour. She was so friendly when we met her. She also dedicated the song Two Sparrows In a Hurricane to myself & in memory of my parents as I had told her how much that song seemed so much like the life of my parents. Tanya Tucker Sep 07, 2018
Sm_avatar_img_4426  Micky Sean Bailey Solara 👍🏻 Smashing Pumpkins Sep 06, 2018
Sm_avatar_img_3236  Cdilis Rad show. Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats / Slim Cessna's Auto Club Sep 04, 2018
Sm_avatar_1253_6092542021160_t  Jay O. Tea 16€ Primitive Man / 16 Sep 02, 2018
Sm_avatar_img_4426  Micky Sean Bailey Farewell Slayer Anthrax / Testament / Slayer / Napalm Death / Lamb of God Aug 30, 2018
5f2004396efd3a9bc5519613ea0db0d3  Live Nude Dann These setlists are way off. Sound Relief 2009 Aug 30, 2018
28e7f7bd1b3b8cdb43d0e09ad9876543  Kurt Despin Very Cool to see the old Alpine advertisement! Thanks Dee Bee Kay Guns N' Roses Aug 29, 2018
6783be8a690d17004b3d0a05b2cc6d78  Need2slodown I must of been on some good drugs cause I could swear J. Geils was the opening band for ZZ Top at the ACC Joyce Center Arena Aug 29, 2018
A946710408366311b5b51a3bd2120e5a  Stacie This was on my 20th bday. Wish I had pics or video! This was long before my 1st cell. I had a camcorder, but the battery was dead. I remember we had literally JUST gotten off the plane from Cancun (b-day trip) and were almost late to the concert because of a jackass parking lot attendant. I threatened to drive thru their gate if they didn't let me out to get to the show! Lol My boyfriend at the time ended up with big strawberries all over his ribs for getting dropped on a metal fence while surfing. Aww, good times! Damn, when did I get old... Pantera / White Zombie Aug 28, 2018