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 Silver Pearl my photos of the concert: Prime Circle Mar 13, 2019
 Voodoo Chile Thanks Ljayfuller, spaced on the Hooters. The Who / The Clash / Santana Mar 12, 2019
 Dj Geezer Shoes for: The Living Eyes and Flohio Golden Plains 13 Mar 12, 2019
 Anja I went with Jake. Days N' Daze / Cop/Out / Leftöver Crack Mar 12, 2019
 Nadine B Peplov with Pam! Erasure Mar 11, 2019
 Robinvandijk Went for free Saves The Day Mar 11, 2019
 Robinvandijk Got the ticket for free. Trivium / Martyr Mar 11, 2019
 Robinvandijk I passed out during (I think) ABR. Maurits dragged me out of the venue and a security guard gave me a free coke. The Eastpak Antidote Tour 2011 Mar 11, 2019
 Jessica Joy Survivor Mar 10, 2019
 Shannonlea1 This concert is the reason I believe that he is a Molester.... I'm trying to find the end of the concert and his last shout out to Milwaukee and all of us Lil 11-15yr Old girls at the time!! Not a doubt in my mind if he is going to open mic invite to a audience of all Lil Girls to meet him at the venue gate the first one there can come kick it with him on his bus!! Now anyone without intention would never even of announced such a proposition! Especially knowing that his fan base at the time was pre to early teen girls.... I literally turned 12 about 2 weeks prior to this concert! My bestie to this day was only 11 like wtf is wrong with him! Not a single doubt in my mind!. He's a Pedophile R-Kelly / Salt-N-Pepa / K-7 Mar 10, 2019
 Felice Silverman Security was super tight coming in - they were trying to make sure nobody brought weed in - there was a huge pile of lighters at the check point. We opened the door to go onto the floor of the HOB and were blasted by the smell of weed and saw a big haze of smoke. Xzibit was high energy and got everyone going, Hollywood Undead had some good stuff, and some dreadful poppy stuff. Cypress Hill were as good as always. West Coast High Mar 09, 2019
 Wholia I named this as my #1 favorite concert because this is when I first saw The Maine! I had just heard about them that summer, and I instantly fell in love with them. I'm still here 9 years later! I love my bbs. Never Shout Never / The Maine / I Can Make a Mess Like Nobody's Business / Carter Hulsey Mar 09, 2019
 Blue Cadet 3 The Advantage stole this one Pinback / The Advantage Mar 08, 2019
 Blue Cadet 3 proposed to my wife at this show :) Portugal, The Man / Local Natives / Car Seat Headrest Mar 07, 2019
 Blue Cadet 3 Sound in this building is shit, rained really hard and almost electrocuted Isaac! Modest Mouse / Sad Baby Wolf Mar 07, 2019
 Blue Cadet 3 First date with my wife :) Wavves Mar 07, 2019
 Riff Hewn Altar w. Jos Lifton-Zoline (& others?) Langhorne Slim / o'death Mar 07, 2019
 Riff Hewn Altar w. David & Darcie (& Nikki & more?) The Thermals / Screaming Females / Black Wine Mar 07, 2019
 Tjw Section 113, Row DD, Seat 15 Neil Diamond Mar 06, 2019