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 Kramo Don’t know month or day Gordon Lightfoot Nov 17, 2021
 Kramo Don’t know month or day. Glen Campbell Nov 17, 2021
 Mindy Mc Claran To this day I still wonder how totally embarrassed "MR. COKE CUP" was thanks to Sick Puppies lead singer. Evanescence / Sick Puppies / Julien K Nov 17, 2021
 Grich5727 Randy Blythe filled in for Eyehategod lead singer Mike IX Williams . Discharge / Eyehategod / Toxic Holocaust / Ringworm Nov 17, 2021
 Sundae Ad courtesy of The Los Angeles Free Press The Byrds Nov 16, 2021
 Sundae Ad courtesy of The Los Angeles Free Press 60's Music Site Freddie King and Lowell Fulson Nov 16, 2021
 Reddogdixon Can't wait, it will be my 11th time to see them. I just wish Dusty hadn't passed away, man he was so awesome, great singer & bass player ! ZZ Top Nov 16, 2021
 Jamesday It was pretty bad — but the openers were good lol King 810 Nov 16, 2021
 Blvinyl Several times Stompin' Tom stopped to dump the sawdust from his piece of plywood. Wonder how many pairs of boots he went trough in the 40yrs. he was active on the road. That's a lot of STOMPIN' Stompin' Tom Connors Nov 16, 2021
 Kan Tex Cali With Andrea Wooten Berlin Starring Terri Nunn Nov 16, 2021
 Little Queen9 Had an obstructed view and got moved to the 9th row!! World Piece Tour Nov 16, 2021
 Blvinyl Sudbury Saturday Night, The Hockey Song, Bud The Spud, Stompin' Tom Connors Nov 16, 2021
 Robert Barbantini I think the opening band was a band called 1776, all dressed in War of Independence attire. Journey / Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers Nov 15, 2021
 Steve Negri Given the title CGP or certified guitar player by Chet Akins. Fabulous entertainer. Tommy Emmanuel Nov 15, 2021
 Jay U I BELIEVE that the playlist is from this show. If not, it is from the night before at the same venue. Hot Water Music / White Dove Frisbee Team Nov 15, 2021
 Jumping Jack Flash Apparently, there is 1 existing bootleg audio version of this show but it has yet to surface on the internet. Queen Nov 15, 2021
 André Matos Amaro This post is missing one band. The show started with Raging Speedhorn that were there because Static-X could not do the show...after it came Mudvayne, then Amen and to finish was Slipknot. was just adding something that i believe adds to the factual side of the site. Slipknot / Mudvayne / Amen Nov 15, 2021
 Homicidal45 Highlight DARE. Hard Rock Hell ABC Nov 15, 2021
 Jumping Jack Flash The ability to play this entire setlist and conclude it with the extremely difficult La Villa Strangiato is just mind-blowing and a testament to their musicianship. Rush Nov 15, 2021
 Jumping Jack Flash You must listen to the Soundboard, the quality is phenomenal. What an incredible show, the 2nd U2 show in my top 25 Favorite shows. U2 Nov 15, 2021