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 Dennis Elwell I remember this like yesterday! One helluva time!! Van's Warped Tour 2001 May 02, 2020
 Ian Dennis He may have played Nanaimo but not for this Concert. The Island Music Fest is in Courtenay BC. I was there, it was great John Prine May 02, 2020
 Marni & Gary Flesh & Blood May 01, 2020
 Jake Thompson My dad and I hypothesize Lenny Kravitz's sound guy was fired immediately after the set. Kravtiz clearly had issues with his earpiece, and after a shaky performance stormed off stage. His band jammed out for a while (very good) and then the set was over. We felt bad for him -- technical issues get people flustered, and he wasn't being a dick. "He was clearly frustrated," says my dad, "but he looked magnificent. He wasn't being a dick but it was definitely a 'why aren't you fixing this.'" U2 was great, it was a phenomenal show. But honestly it was such a scene we really only ever talk about Lenny. U2 / Lenny Kravitz May 01, 2020
 Bill Fracalossi Missing is Live, Sponge, Love Spit Love Mansfield PA 4/4/95. I was there! Mostly as a Richard Butler fan but quickly became a Live fan! Live / Sponge / love spit love May 01, 2020
 Don B That's correct. I haven't seen them in Boston either. So why did you comment? Chicago May 01, 2020
 Penny5684 @Mike Belcher - You post the concerts/dates that you’ve been to, not ALL dates. I’ve never seen them in Boston... Chicago Apr 30, 2020
 Don B Mike Belcher you need to post it on the site! Chicago Apr 30, 2020
 Mike Belcher Missing a Chicago concert May 31, 1972 at John B. Hynes Hall, Boston, Mass. Chicago Apr 30, 2020
 Purlin7 I think this was the date on the back Patio. Low / Comet Apr 30, 2020
 Thomas Lardner Club XS was in Seaside Heights, NJ, and this show was almost certainly in 1992. Kansas Apr 30, 2020
 Thomas Lardner Point Pleasant, NJ Martell's Tiki Bar Apr 30, 2020
 Strunk Droned Looking for pictures of the concert Moe, Willie Nelson, The Dead Apr 30, 2020
 Desperately Seeking Setlists Wrote a review and took photos for Daily Hive Vancouver Macklemore & Ryan Lewis: Unruly Mess Tour Apr 30, 2020
 Richy Mitchell I was at this concert. The Doobie Brothers played too. Van Halen / The Rolling Stones Apr 29, 2020
 Cecilraines did clint black open dwight yoakum Apr 29, 2020
 William Rhodes According to their tour poster this event was on Oct 17, not Oct 18. International Tour 2019 Apr 28, 2020
 Tusken Raider Very cool circular stage which was centered in the arena and rotated Hysteria World Tour Apr 28, 2020
 Kaitlynvinitski Great show, ham went hard. Went on stage, stage drove/crowd surfed. Fought Eric. 10/10 Knuckle Puck / Heart Attack Man Apr 27, 2020
 Deacon Blues The photo is a backwater review by a backwater reviewer. It was a GREAT concert!!! Steppenwolf & The Turtles Apr 27, 2020